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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 2:00pm - 4:30pm

Where We Will Meet

Darkhorse Espresso Bar on Spadina

Where The Walk Will End

El Ray Bar in Kensington Market

About This Walk

We will spend the afternoon in Toronto’s Chinatown and Kensington Market, taking photos of the vibrant and lively people, places and urban environment.

Our walk will start on Spadina at the Darkhorse Cafe, we’ll walk north up Spadina to College, then return south on Spadina and make our way to Kensington Market. It will be right in the afternoon, and sure to be buzzing with activity.

Any level of photographer is welcome, and you can bring whatever camera you wish for the walk (iPhone, DSLR, film (!), whatever).

I am a passionate street photographer who loves to capture authentic human moments, urban architecture, and life in our incredible city.

I am pleased to participate in this event, as this photo walk also supports an important cause. The hope is that we raise money to support The Worldwide Photo Walk supports The Springs Of Hope Kenya Orphanage, an organization that feeds, houses, educates and empowers young orphans. Although registration is free, please consider kindly donating to the amazing cause by following the “Donate” link on this website.

Our walk will end at El Ray bar in Kensington at around 4:30 PM, at which point we’ll have the opportunity to grab a drink, share our photos, and talk photography.

Please note that everyone must cover their own food and drinks.

P.S. Don’t forget to enter your photograph to the contest for a chance to win prizes, which have been generously donated by the event sponsors!

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One Response

  1. Hello!
    Wanted to share a few notes in advance of our walk.
    This will be a street photography walk, and for those of you who may be new to this genre, here are some suggested things/subjects to consider shooting:
    -street/environmental portraits
    -candid and spontaneous moments
    -urban architecture
    -store fronts/signage
    -interesting cars

    On our walk, I encourage you to simply look for and capture what interest you. The beauty of street photography is that it is not staged or “perfect”. It’s more about observing the world around us.
    Look for;
    -interplay of light and shadow
    -interesting subjects
    -juxtaposition (two or more things that contrast each other)
    -interesting shapes and textures

    I primarily shoot candid street photography, and you can see some of my work on instagram (@chroma).
    Feel feee to ask any questions, would be happy to talk about any aspect of it!

    Note: I am not a professional photographer, just am enthusiast. But I am a student of the genre and love talking about, so feel free to ask questions if you have them.

    See you on the the 7th!

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