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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Where We Will Meet

In Radcliffe Square, next to the Radcliffe Camera

Where The Walk Will End

The Bear Inn

About This Walk

A gentle walk around the City of Oxford with plenty of time to take photos and chat with fellow photographers. I’ve hosted a number of walks in Oxford as part of the Worldwide Photo Walk and they have been fabulous events.

The walk route

Route details are in the PDF file you can download from my dropbox, please see the discussion tab to get the link, and they are also listed below.

  • Leave the Radcliffe Camera and pass through the Bodleian library quad, before taking the exit to the right hand side where you cross over the road to the famous “Bridge of Sighs” in New College Lane.
  • Proceed along New College Lane towards the wooden door, then turn right in to Queens Lane and keep following the route along until you reach High Street. Cross over this and turn right looking for a small street called Logic Lane.
  • Turn in to Logic Lane and follow it until it comes out on to the cobbled Merton Street. Bear right and walk along Merton Street past Merton College and then follow the road as it bears right in to Oriel Square. Go past the bike racks and turn left in to Bear Street then turn right in to Alfred Lane.
  • Cross over high Street and enter the Covered Market, then head through the market to exit at the rear on to Market Street.
  • Turn right along Market Street then follow the flow of the road to the left as it becomes Turl Street which you walk along until you reach the open spaces of Broad Street.
  • As Broad Steet narrows turn right in to Magdelen Street East and walk along to the Martyrs Memorial and behind it is the Randolph Hotel on Beaumont Street.
  • Proceed along Beaumont Street and take the first left in to Gloucester Street, head towards the Ladbrookes building and then bear right in to the market for some great street photo opportunities before exiting the market via St George’s Place.
  • Turn right in to George Street then walk along past the Four Candles pub and the Old Fire Station. At the end of George Street turn left along Worcester Street, then left again in to New Road.
  • Walk up the road past Oxford Castle Mound then take the road in to Oxford Castle towards the Malmaison Hotel (the old prison). As you approach the hotel entrance bear to the left and follow the route through and out along Oxford Castle towards the Swan & Castle Pub.
  • Cross over Castle Street and go in to Westgate Shopping Centre. When you reach the central route turn left and go past the shops to emerge in to Bonn Square. Exit at the right rear corner in to New Hall Street and then Right in to St Michael’s Street. Go along here past the Oxford Presbyterian Church and straight over in to Ship Street.
  • Proceed along Ship Street until you reach Turl Street, where you turn right. The take the next left in to Brasenose Street which brings you back to the end of the walk at the Radcliffe Camera where we started.

After the walk

After the walk is over and we have returned to the Radcliffe Camera, I’ll head to tThe Bear Inn on the corner of Alfred Street and Bear Lane, should anyone else be a little thirsty too.

See you on Saturday,


Thank you for joining me on the photo walk in OxfordOctober 8th, 2023


Just a quick note to thank you if you joined me on the photo walk in Oxford. Sorry if you got separated from the group early on, I did go back to the start to find some people but I know the group was missing some people.

You should have had an email about uploading a photo that you took yesterday during the walk for the photo competition. The deadline is quite short, so don’t delay in sorting your pictures and selecting one to send.

Many thanks for joining me, and I hope to see you again on a future event.


Worldwide Photo Walk in Oxford – The RouteOctober 4th, 2023


Thank you for signing up to join me in Oxford the the photo walk this Saturday the 7th of October.

The walk starts from the Radcliffe Camera and finishes back there after a leisurely walk with plenty of chance for photos and conversations.

I have prepared a walk route, and written a short guide to the route to follow. You can download the route guide as a PDF from the dropbox folder here:

Getting to Central Oxford is easiest if you park your car at one of the Park & ride locations around the edge of the city. You can find location information about each one online here:

I will most likely use the Redbridge Park & Ride as it has a short bus connection to the city.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and hope you enjoy the afternoon.

Many thanks for signing up,


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