Saturday, October 7th, 2017 | 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Where We Will Meet

The seating area next to Nathans, by the American flag sign.

Where The Walk Will End

Applebees 1217 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224

About This Walk

Hi Photo Walkers!

I am a New Jersey based photographer and have been shooting professionally for over 20 years. This will be my fourth photo walk. My previous walks were all in NJ, but this year I am venturing back to where I was born and raised…Brooklyn!

What better place to see and photograph then the infamous Coney Island. It is best known for it’s amusement parks, both past and present and has a long history as a resort and entertainment destination. Much has changed over the years, but it still holds a mystique with unique attractions from the strange to the kitschy. We’ll still find the landmarked Parachute Jump, the Wonder Wheel, the Cyclone (90 years old this year), and of course Nathan’s Famous.

Many of the rides and attractions remain open through October on the weekends and it will be less crowded by then. I have no doubt plenty of colorful photo opportunities await at this salty, seedy and sensational destination. More detailed info will follow in the coming weeks after I scout out an interesting walk, I will keep you updated. 

In the meantime, sign-up and join me for a visit to NY City’s “playground”.

Ken Cavanagh


WWPW 2017 Leader Competition Winners AnnouncedNovember 4th, 2017

To my surprise and utter joy, I was named the winner of the Leader Competition! Honestly, it was a shock to see my image listed as the winner after scrolling through the quality photos of honorable mentions.

With Saul and my photos selected as winners we are arguably one of most esteemed World Wide Photo Walks of 2017 😉

You can see all the walk leader winners here:


The winners for the video category are here:


Still to be announced are the Youth Competition and People’s Choice Winner…results expected next week.


The Winner and Finalist in the WWPW ContestNovember 1st, 2017

For those interested, here is the link to see the winners chosen by Scott Kelby:


Congratulations Saul!November 1st, 2017

Out of 1000 walks and photo submissions our walk member Saul Addison, aka “Cintron”, was selected as one of ten finalists for his Cyclone photo! Saul’s image was only 1 of 2 photos that represented the USA as a winner.

As a finalist, Saul earned a few prizes with a value of over $700! Yo Saul! Congrats man…love the image!

Our Photowalk WinnerOctober 17th, 2017

What a talented group of photographers we had on our walk!

We had 18 people on our walk and 12 submitted a photo for the contest. I didn’t realize till today that I’m the only one who can see the submissions. Not sure why that is, but each one captured Coney Island in a unique and interesting perspective.

As expected, there were plenty of shots of rides and roller coasters in roaring color, as well as signage and a couple of rare, quiet moments on the boardwalk.

Selecting a winner was not easy. I was attracted to the images that captured the pure joy of the Coney Island experience for the young and young at heart. That narrowed the selection down to three images for me and each had the merits to win, but I only get to choose one.

So without further ado, the winner of our photowalk contest is Saul Addison, aka “Cintron”, for his Cyclone photo! What swayed me with Saul’s image was the compositional lines creating movement along with the coaster and the warm vintage feel it has, which makes it a classic in my eyes.

You can see Saul’s winning photo here on Flicker:

I don’t think there is a prize for the individual walk winners, but Saul gets to compete for the grand prize with the other walk winners. Scott Kelby will select the winner and 10 finalists the week of 10/29.

Congratulations and Good Luck Saul! And Thank You to everyone who came out for the walk…I enjoyed seeing you and your images!

If you haven’t yet posted to our Flickr group, please do, we love seeing your photos! In the meantime, check out the 8 members, so far, who posted photos to our Flicker group here:

Ken Cavanagh

Correction: Your Photo SubmissionsOctober 13th, 2017

A couple of you let me know that you did submit photos…thanks! I just learned that I will not be able to see anyone’s uploaded photos until Monday, after the deadline. At that point, there should be a “Submissions” tab where I can view and choose the winning photo from our walk. Hopefully, everyone will be able to see the photos and not just me.

In the meantime, jump on over to the Flickr group and submit your photos there for all to see. If you did not get an invite, let me know or, I believe, you can request one on Flickr.


Two days to the Contest DeadlineOctober 13th, 2017

Sunday is the deadline for entering your favorite photo for the WWPW contest.

It appears that no one has uploaded any images yet. Come on folks, you have to be in it to win it! If you did submit a photo let me know, because I’m not seeing any.

I’ll be sending a direct email to everyone who gave me their email address about joining the Flickr group I created for our photowalk. If you don’t get that email let me know as I may not have yours.

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s photos!


Submitting Your Photo for the ContestOctober 11th, 2017

A few people have had problems trying to submit a photo. You should see a Contest tab under the map on your walk page. Make sure you are logged in to your page…it will either say login or logout on the top right.

After logging in, if you don’t see the Contest tab you may need to clear your browser’s cache and restart or try a different browser. Here are instructions from Kelbyone on entering:

Login to your account at
Click Your Walk in the top navigation bar.
Click on the Contest tab on the walk page.
For the Photo Contest, scroll down to the Photo Contest section, click Choose Your File and select your contest photo from your computer. Click the, Upload Image button. For the Video Contest, scroll down to the Video Contest section and fill out the Video Title and Video URL fields and click the Submit button.
You will be redirected to a confirmation page upon successfully submitting your entry.

If you still have problems contact


Photo ContestOctober 9th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for coming out Saturday and making it a fun photowalk! Can’t wait to see your photos!

The photo contest is open. Pick your favorite photo and upload it on your walk page within the Contest tab. Deadline is next Sunday Oct. 15th. Good Luck!

I’ll be following-up with a link to a Flickr group where you can share more of your photos.


Parking in Coney IslandOctober 7th, 2017

I believe parking on the street has been allowed since Sept 15th. Not sure how hard it may be to find a spot, but worth a try IMO.

If that’s difficult or you prefer a lot, the biggest one is at the MCU park where the Brooklyn Cyclones play on W17th St and Surf Ave, next to the Parachute Jump. The posted rate is $18 for the day. I also saw a couple of open lots on Surf Ave across from MCU park.

There are also a few parking garages on W12th St north of Surf Ave and on W8th St near the NY Aquarium.

If you find yourself running late or are trying to find us, call or text me 917 297-2643


Tomorrow’s the Day!October 6th, 2017

Hello Photographers!

Tomorrow is the day for our photowalk in Coney Island! It looks like we’ll have a picture perfect day as far as the weather goes.

Don’t forget to download the map of the suggested walk to get a sense of the area. You can download it here:

Plan what gear you’ll be taking and consider what you are willing to carry around for two hours. Clean your lenses, bring plenty of memory cards or film if your going old school ;), charge your batteries and bring extras if you have them. Most of all, plan to enjoy yourself, the company of like-minded creative people and #makephotos

To connect socially during and after the walk consider these hashtags: #wwpw2017 #wwpw2017coneyisland #coneyisland #coneyislandfun #coneyislandusa

See you all tomorrow!

One Week to the Photowalk!September 30th, 2017

Hi Photo Walkers!

We are one week away from our photo walk around Coney Island!

Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk is the world’s largest global and social photography event. Last year, more than 25,000 photographers converged to explore their corner of the world through photography and social community. The walks are designed as a fun day out enjoying the outdoors, taking some interesting photos and meeting new friends.

We always have a good mix of photographers. From seasoned pros to serious hobbyists to weekend Instagramers, each with their own unique vision. There are 20 people signed up for the walk so far, so we’ll have a good crowd!

I created a map with a suggested walk route that you can view and download here:

Of course, your welcome to venture where your eye takes you 😉

The walk will take about 2 hours, give or take. Afterwards, we’ll meet at Applebees on Surf Avenue at around 5pm to have a bite to eat and share our Coney Island stories and photos. Hope you all can make it!

If you’re driving, you should be able to find parking on the street this time of year . If you’re taking the train, Nathans is right across the street from the Stillwell Avenue station.

Look forward to seeing you all next week!

Cell: 917 297.2643

  • Luis Cifuentes Hi Ken, Just signed up for photo walk. This will be my third one, first at Coney Island. Looking forward to it. Lou

    • kencphoto Hi Lou, I didn't get notified about the comments so I'm just seeing them. Glad to hear you're a veteran photowalker ;), looking forward to meeting you! Best Ken

  • Kb2vdv There are 2 Nathan's, which one are you referring to? One is on Surf Avenue the other is on the Boardwalk.

    • Luis Cifuentes If I'm not mistaken, from the map above, it looks like it's the one on surf Avenue.

    • kencphoto @Kb2vdv Louis is right it's the one at 1310 Surf ave...the original. We will meet under the flag at the outdoor seating area to the right of Nathans. See you tomorrow! - Ken

  • Luis Cifuentes I have been looking for information on parking in the area. Is there street parking and how available is it? I found one parking lot but it had some terrible reviews so I'm leery of using it. Any info would be appreciated.

    • kencphoto Luis...when I scouted the area, parking was permitted on the streets after Sept 15th so I would look for a spot first. It's off-season and I expect it shouldn't be that difficult. There are a number of lots on Surf Ave, the MCU park, where the Brooklyn Cyclones play has parking. I can't verify any of the lots, but if you Google Coney Island parking quite a few come up.

  • Valerie Wagner Always wanted to get to Coney Island, my first time, looking forward to this, thanks for doing it!!

    • kencphoto Hi Valerie, That's exciting! It will be interesting to hear your impression. Thanks for joining the walk...see you tomorrow! Ken

  • Kb2vdv Don't forget to wear your T-Shirts.

  • Cintron63 Hey Ken, thank you very much this was a very nice surprise. I had a great time at the walk and it was a pleasure meeting everyone that came out.

    • kencphoto It was nice meeting you Saul! Hope to see you at the next walk or even sooner! Best Ken

  • Luis Cifuentes Saul a hearty congratulations for being picked as a finalist winner!!

    • Cintron63 Thank you very much Luis!

  • Anne Hickey Congratulations! Job well done

    • Cintron63 Thank you so much Anne

  • Cintron63 Ken thank you! this is awesome news to me. I must have read the message a dozen times, haha. looking forward to seeing you all again!

    • kencphoto Same here Saul! Enjoy the moment!

      • Cintron63 haha CONGRATS!!! That's pretty awesome you won Ken. That is an amazing shot you took, you do deserve it! You're right i guess our group did pretty, pretty, pretty good ;-)

        • kencphoto Thanks Saul...I'm definitely enjoying the moment!

  • Anne Hickey Congratulations Ken. Fantastic photograph. Very well deserved. Thank You for a great walk and hope to see you again next year!

    • kencphoto Thanks Anne! It was great to have you on the walk and to see your work!

  • Luis Cifuentes Ken, CONGRATULATIONS winning the Photo Walk Leader competition!! Terrific image! That is awesome having two winners from our walk! Take care and hopefully we'll do it again next year.

    • kencphoto Thank You Luis! 🙏🏼 It is pretty amazing and wonder if it’s been done before :) Hope to see you on next year’s walk or maybe sooner!

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