Hello Houston Photowalkers!

It’s that time of year again!

This will be my 13th time to lead a Scott Kelby photowalk, and it’s aways a blast to see everyone each year.  We will start by photographing sunset from the top balcony of the University of Houston-Downtown, then walk down Main Street, make our way to Market Street Square and photograph some of the 100+ year old buildings, and then end with a meet up at Frank’s Pizza.  It’s really interesting to see how Downtown Houston has changed over the years, and attending this photowalk is a great way to do that!

Parking and Meeting Location

The best way to get to the meeting location is to park somewhere on Main Street, and then ride Metro Rail to University of Houston-Downtown.  I usually park at one of the parking lots at Main Street and Bell Street, and then ride Metro from the Bell Street Station north-bound to UH-D.  Once you are at UH-D, hop off the train and head to the balcony area.

The Photowalk Route

On the balcony, “Golden Hour” for photographing the downtown skyscrapers is 7:30pm.  Feel free to arrive as early as you want, especially if you plan to do timelapse of the changing sky.  The setting sun will be off to the left of downtown, but the sun provides some amazing colors reflecting from the buildings.  Official Sunset is about 8:05pm.  After we get a few pictures after the sky is dark, we will walk down Main Street and Prairie Street and turn right.

This will take us to the old buildings of Market Street Square, a fun place to photograph people and places.  After you are done shooting the Market Street Square area, we will meet at Frank’s Pizza.


Are you a regular member of HoustonPhotowalks and confused about this route?  This year, we are taking a shorter walk due to the time of year and the heat.  This route has lots of interesting things to see and photograph, and won’t be quite as far as our regular Downtown Photowalk that we take during other times of the year.  If weather (and heat) permits, we will make detours down other side streets and I’ll show you some other interesting things to photograph.

Heading Home

After you enjoy our meal, you can head to Preston Station (corner of Main Street and Preston St) to ride metro back to your car.  If you still want to enjoy some photography time, you can continue walking South on Main Street until you get back to your car.

About Me

Hi, I’m Joe.  I’ve lead over 570 photowalks, photography classes, and photography trips over over the past 14 years.  My day job is providing IT and Creative Services for Marketing Departments with my company 24moves.com.  I also do product photography in Houston, mostly guitars and other musical instruments.  Since 2009, I have lead the HoustonPhotowalks meetup group, where we’ve done nearly 700 photography events for local hobby, enthusiast and pro photographers.  People that know me say that I have a pretty peculiar and mostly harmless personality, but that I make up for it by hosting fun photowalk events each month in the Houston area.

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  1. Joe, I have signed up for the sunrise photowalk down in Galveston the morning of the 13th (hotel stay the night of the 12th).
    May I join your photowalk for the evening/sunset walk with your group.
    On the WW photowalk site it’s asking me to switch walks, but I want to do both.
    Is there any restrictions in doing both? Kaaren Cushman

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