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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Where We Will Meet

We will meet just inside the main gates by the trees

Where The Walk Will End

We will finish at the starting point. Then go for dinner

About This Walk


I’m Jason Teale, and I’ve been leading photography walks for almost 20 years. I’m a foreign photographer living in Ulsan, where I also teach photography classes at the foreigner support center. I’d like to invite everyone, regardless of your photography experience, to join me on an upcoming Photowalk.

This time, we’re heading to Ulsan Grand Park to explore its beautiful spots. We’ll start at the main entrance in OK-Dong, stroll through the meta Sequoia area, and pause by the war memorial. Then, we’ll loop back to where we started and decide on dinner plans together.

There are plenty of cafés and restaurants nearby. We’ll pick a place to eat after the walk, depending on what the group feels like. We have a bunch of options around the park entrance.

I’m excited to welcome you to this event. It’s not just about photography, but also a chance to enjoy good company and delicious food.

Best regards,
Jason Teale

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  1. Hello everyone!

    We’re just a few hours away from our exciting photowalk adventure! To ensure everyone finds the right spot, please remember that our meeting point is the main entrance gates in OK-dong, not the ones near the rotary.

    As you enter through those gates, you’ll easily spot us gathered by the trees in front of the pond. To help you identify me, I’ll be wearing a black jacket and a distinctive hat, and my T-shirt will boldly read “leader,” just in case there’s any confusion – let’s avoid any “Where’s Waldo?” moments!

    Our photowalk kicks off promptly at 1 pm, and before we set out, I’ll share a brief introduction. Then, it’s time for a group picture to capture the moment! Afterward, we’ll embark on our adventure through the beautiful metasequoia forest and make a stop at the war memorial.

    Please come prepared with comfortable shoes for walking, and ensure your camera batteries are fully charged – you won’t want to miss any stunning shots. Feel free to explore the park at your own pace if you wish, and if you need to leave early, just give me a heads-up so we won’t go searching for you at the end.

    Above all, our goal is for everyone to have a fantastic time enjoying photography, nature, and the chance to network. Let’s make the most of this lovely fall afternoon together. See you all at 1 pm!

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