Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 10:30am - 1:30pm

Where We Will Meet

Outside Cafe Belong

Where The Walk Will End

We’ll grab a shuttle to the Danforth + Louis Cifer Brewery

About This Walk

It’s Thanksgiving! Pumpkins, hay stacks, a farmers market, musicians and walking trails with brilliant foliage! The Brickworks always has so much to offer on a photowalk, especially during the fall.

We’ll meet outside Cafe Belong at 10:30 am. (It’s right beside a wonderful gardening store with lots of interesting people shots, colourful gadgets and plants!)

For the walk: First we will spend 45 min exploring the farmer’s market, one of the largest in the city. Then at 11:15am we will regroup and wander about exploring the grounds together, including the original brick ovens, art exhibits, the abandoned railway track over the Bayview extension, the children’s play area and the trails and wildlife around the various canals and small ponds on the property.

Finally we’ll catch the shuttle bus up to the Danforth and go for a pint and some food at Louis Cifer Brewery.

This is my 4th year leading a WWPW and am excited to see some of the regulars and also new folks coming out for their first WWPW! During the year I volunteer at Toronto Camera Club and participate in their many photo competitions – plus the International Salon of Photography.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the walk!

Note: There is some parking at the Brickworks or you can catch the free shuttle bus outside Broadview station. The TTC has a bus going into Davisville Stn. Click here for more info -> Getting to the Brickworks

Rain plans: Boo! If it rains we’ll stay dry in the main part of the Brickworks that’s got a roof.

Parents: This is not an event for children.

Last day to enter the WorldWide Photowalk ContestOctober 15th, 2018

Hey everyone! A quick reminder that today is the last day to enter the world wide photo contest from our walk at the Brickworks last Saturday. One person on our walk will win a prize and go forward to the next round.
Enter the contests here!

You’re Walking for a Great Cause! And, We’ve Decided to Pay It Forward!


UPDATE: WorldWide Photowalk at the BrickworksOctober 5th, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Looking forward to seeing everyone at tomorrow’s photowalk at the Brickworks! If the weather is bad we will have plenty of places for photos inside. There’s the largest farmer’s market in the city, the ecology centre and old kilns, plus the garden centre and ecology sites. The forecast is calling for warm weather – 22C – so we should also get some great misting effects on the outdoor ponds. Afterwards we will be going to relax and socialize at Louis Cifer Brewery – a brewpub at 417 Danforth Ave, which brews its own beer on the premises. (We can also photo the brewery!)
MEETING PLACE: if the weather is bad we will meet inside the doors at Cafe Belong. Look for the bunch of people hanging around with big cameras 🙂
See you there

  • Caroline Avery Hey everyone! If you are late no worries - we’ll be walking around the farmers market first+ you can catch up with us outside Building 12, The Young WelcomeCentre at 11:15 am. It’s around the corner from the Garden store+ coffee shop + there’s a big red 12 to the left of the door!

  • Caroline Avery If anyone is looking for us we have wandered off into the back of the Brickworks towards the marsh area and the crazy railway spot!!

  • Caroline Avery Hey everyone! We’re just finishing up along the railway and heading down into the canal garden to wander around. Let’s meet to wrap up at the Back of the Brickworks by the main pond at 1pm! We’ll get some lunch!

  • Caroline Avery Hi guys! My last post for the walk! Thanks everyone for coming out. It’s looking like the rain is starting so our final stop is our wrap up at Louis Cifer Brewery @ 417 Danforh just past Chester station. There should be parking in the side streets around Danforth or there are Green P lots north of Danforth. Hoping to get some shots of their shiny brewing equipment!

  • Hanifa M How do we submit our photo entries for the walk?

  • Ashish Thind Please let us know about the submission process of the photos. Also if there is any gallery where everyone can upload their pictures, it would be great to see everyone's work and learn from different styles.

  • Shannon Penner for some reason on Saturday I wasn't able to register on the worldwidephotowalk website, but I contacted support to see if I could still register so that I could submit a photo. I was able to today, and was told that the registration is open until 10am tomorrow morning(Tuesday). So if you want to submit a photo to the contest, you can still do that!

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