Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 8:30am - 11:00am

Where We Will Meet

In the courtyard, in front of the city library

Where The Walk Will End

Back at Library

About This Walk

A casual walk around the Toowoomba CBD and laneways, exploring old buildings, interesting architecture and stopping for photos. Continuing via the CBD periphery to the train station and new shopping center for good exterior architectural images.

The walk leader is a passionate photographer, Queensland accredited photography judge, President of the Toowoomba Photographic Society and owner of a local photography business.



  • TrygHelander Toowoomba PhotoWalk – 6th October 2018 Directions and Interesting Points Starting at the new library, a new and highly photographed building, we walk along Herries street to the corner of Herries and Ruthven. On this corner we have the Soldiers’ Memorial Hall. Turning down toward the CBD, along Ruthven street, we will see the old Council Building and Clock Tower. Along Ruthven, we will come to Searles Walk laneway, great for coffee and wall art/street photography. Next along to Union Street, another wall art opportunity. Some of the fascinating building façades along Ruthven, include the White Horse Building. Through a newly remodelled laneway to the Walton Stores, we will head over to Neil Street and the iconic Empire Theatre and Masonic Hall, great for architectural imagery. Walking down Neil street back toward the CBD, we will see the Old Court House, the Old Movie House and a newly remodelled hotel with an old Church as it’s frontage. From here, we will walk down to Grand Central shopping centre, which has been redeveloped at a cost of half-a-billion dollars. Some new aspects of its architecture are quite appealing. From Grand Central, we will walk down to the Train Station and take images of the building and station platform, from a bygone era, and the Hotel Norville opposite. Walking Down towards the now vacated flour mill and façade of the foundry, before heading up to an old rail siding where we might be able to do some motorcycle & model shooting. Then heading back toward the CBD, we pass an old Printing Business building and church, passing some quite historic hotels and businesses. A quick stroll back to the Library where we first started.

  • TrygHelander We plan on having a motorcycle and model rider at one of our stops.

  • TrygHelander Make sure if you park under the Library you park in the designated 3-hour bays!

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