Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Where We Will Meet

We will meet in St. Mark's Square near the bell tower

Where The Walk Will End

We will meet in Campo San Giacomo near the Rialto Bridge

About This Walk

Who doesn’t know Venice? This is a city made up of 450 bridges, 120 islands and a maze of narrow, twisting streets, it’s completely different from anything you have ever seen. Photographically speaking is the heaven for every type of photographer, you can capture beautiful architectural scenery, gorgeous landscape scenarios along the Canal Grande, and street photography & portraits as well. During the first ten minutes a short introduction to set up your equipment and discuss your goals. This photowalk is an accessible and fun way to see and enjoy Venice up close.

We will begin our walk from St.Mark’s Square. With thousands of visitors each day it can get quite hectic so stay safe and enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful city. Although I’ve set this walk for daylight, sunset is around 6:00pm and those wishing to capture sunset images at Rialto Bridge are welcome to join me after the main walk ends for a little more fun.

On a safety note, please remember to keep your personal belongings secure at all times (as with any large gathering there will always be some undesirables).

See you there!

I’m a Venice based professional photographer, educator, musician, and a spirited adventurer. I started exploring the photography medium by capturing images of fellow musicians, their families, and other friends and acquaintances in the music industry. As I continued honing my craft, I merged my love for photography and exploring the outdoors, enabling me to amass lots of photographic work of delightful scenery, rugged mountainscapes, and exhilarating terrain.

I also lead photography courses, workshops & tours to teach other photographers my method and help them to bring out their own vision.
My work has been published in Landscape Photography Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, Photo Plus Magazine, Digital Camera, Popular Photography and Fuji X Passion Magazine, among others.

  • Buon pomeriggio, Per il Photowalk di sabato, vorrei sapere se c'è qualche punto di riferimento dove incontrarci per l'inizio. Grazie.

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