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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 8:00am - 11:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Parking Lot near Visitors Center

Where The Walk Will End

Duck Landing then Picnic Tables near Visitors Center

About This Walk

Hi, my name is Rachel Doyle. I’ve been working with digital photography for 11 years with a focus on wildlife, landscape, and travel. This is my first Kelby Photo Walk as a leader, but I’ve been on 3 previous walks and am excited to host my own. I wanted to choose a location that guarantees those perfect photo opportunities and Sylvan Heights Bird Park definitely delivers on this.

Sylvan Heights Bird Park offers the perfect way to get up close to over 2,000 waterfowl, parrots, toucans, flamingos, and other exotic birds from around the globe. The park has nice pathways that lead you through the different regions with plenty of resting spots and shade. They also have a cafe with restrooms located nearby. The visitors center offers drinks and bird food for purchase which can get you some amazing photos, especially in The Landing Zone which houses an aviary with hundreds of free-flight parakeets.

There is an entrance fee for getting into the park. Each participant would need to pay park admission, which is $12 plus tax ($12.84) for adults ages 13-61, and $11 plus tax ($11.77) for senior citizens ages 62+. They also offer a special opportunity for photographers to use their “photo diamonds” which are ideally set up cutouts for the enclosures. This is $30 per person for a one-day Photo Pass, in addition to admission fees. Those who add the $30 Photo Pass would be able to enter the park at 8 a.m. instead of 9 a.m and would have access to the photo diamonds all day. I will meet you in the parking lot a little before 8 am for those who wish to do the Photo Pass. Please fill out this form prior to arriving to expedite entrance: *For those who do not want to do the Photo Pass, please let me know and I’ll meet you at the entrance at 9 am. There is a limit of 19 photo diamond keys for that day, so we would need to plan for this early. If the group is 30 or more participants, there is a 10% discount on park admission. There are no discounts on the Photo Passes.

With regards to commercial photography, Sylvan Heights Bird parks have no restrictions on photographers entering their work in photo contests for publication and/or prize money.  However, the sale of photos taken at Sylvan Heights to stock photography websites or other media outlets is not permitted.

Depending on the group, we can plan on a two to three-hour walk concluding at the Duck Landing Café and meeting at the Picnic Area near the Visitors Center to eat and share our photos from the walk. I have created a Facebook Group page to post photos to. This is a private group, so please request to join:

Check back here for updates and group announcements as things get closer.

    Rachel Doyle Welcome to all the new walkers! I wanted to check in and see how the group would like to post their photos for the contest. Here are some popular photo-sharing sites: Flickr, 500px, and Facebook. Thanks! and looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Rachel Doyle I wanted to get everyone on the roster a shirt for the Photowalk. Please send me your sizes to Otherwise, I will just order Large for your size. I was going to order the gray if it's available. Thanks!

    Rachel Doyle I've ordered the shirts. I'll have a few different sizes. Hopefully, I have enough to accommodate various sizes. I figure we could wear them for our group photo. Also, it's been confirmed that most would like a Facebook Group page to post their pictures on. I'll get this set up in the following days and post the link here. In regards to the Photo Pass, most would like to add this on and get into the park an hour earlier. So we will move the time to 8 am to 11 am. I'm waiting to hear back from Sylvan Heights to see if this can be prepaid online or if it has to be paid in person the day of. Check back here for updates or email any questions or concerns to

    Rachel Doyle Here is the Facebook group page. This is a private group, so you'll need to request to join.

    Rachel Doyle If you don't want to do the Photo Pass, I can meet you at the Visitors Center at 9 am. Please text me at 252.578.1666 when you arrive.

    Rachel Doyle For those who will be doing the Photo Pass, please meet me in the parking lot a little before 8 am and fill out this form prior to arriving to expedite entrance:

    Rachel Doyle We're getting close to the walk and I wanted to send some helpful information about the location and what to expect for the weather. The temp is supposed to be nice, with 77° in the morning and going to 81° in the afternoon with humidity around 63% and a slight breeze. It's not expected to rain and there will be low cloud cover so be sure to pack your lens hoods. Sylvan Heights site suggests not going by GPS and using the Google map directions from this page: Also, when you get into town, make sure to watch your speed as it changes quickly and is strictly enforced. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone, see you soon!

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