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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 10:00am - 1:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Bandstand Rotunda in Belmore Park

Where The Walk Will End

TBC - Darling Harbour

About This Walk

After a couple of year of not being able to get out & meet other photographers the Kelby World Wide Walk is back.

An opportunity to dust off the gear, charge the battery & format your memory cards to explore a park of the city.

Walk from Central Station towards Tumbalong Park exploring the area between which has been transformed in the last few years to an area which you may not have seen.

Again for the walk it isnt about how much gear you can bring or carry so set yourself a challenge to keep to a minimum and meet some other photograhers.

Lets hope it doenst rain & more details of the walk will be posted as it gets closer.

Will try to find somewhere at the end of the walk to get a drink.

    Keith McInnes Hi all, thanks for signing up for the World Wide Walk in a few couple of weeks. Sorry had to move the start time a little forward as I have a client shoot on in the afternoon now. I will be at the start from 9:30am so hope you there. More details to follow as it gets closer & check the weather. The official walk is for 1 hour but time extended to give you more time to wander around. Hope you can make it. Regards Keith McInnes

    Keith McInnes Hi again all, getting closer & the weather forecast says showers (but that could change). So to be prepared allow for some rain on the day. Hopefully we get away with it. Please remember start time is 10am but I will be there from 9:30am. Another update on Friday to see what the forecast is then. Check your kit is ready to go for the day. See you soon. Regards Keith McInnes @keithmcinnes

    Tahir Rafique Hi Keith Can you please attach a marked up route for the walk if possible or may be indicate the streets e.g. Hay street to George and Liverpool St.? Hopefully weather will be on our side - looking forward Tahir

    Joel Bernstein Have to cancel

    Keith McInnes Hi again, One more sleep. Looks like some showers around but we might get away with it. Again this walk isnt about how much gear you can carry so dont bring too much & just try to keep it simple. There is no planned route map for the day just a start & finish point so you can explore the area. There are plenty of places to see around this part of town. No problem if you cant make it. So will be at the start point (Rotunda) from 9:30am to start at 10am so will see you there. Thanks. Keith

    Keith McInnes Morning all, Walk day. Weather looks OK. A few showers but we should be good. My mobile number is 0439 399 542 if you need to find me. See you soon. Keith

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