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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 5:45am - 8:15am

Where We Will Meet

Intersection of 24th St. and The Strand

Where The Walk Will End

Coffee at Starbucks

About This Walk

Once a year, the sunrise lines up with the far end of The Strand in Galveston. It makes a great opportunity for blue hour and early sunrise photos among interesting buildings. This year, that “sweet spot” is around August 13th – 14th.


We’ll meet at 5:45 am , set up our cameras, make sure we aren’t in each other’s shot, answer questions, etc.

Twilight is at 6:21 am and sunrise at 6:46 am.

We will stay until the Sunrise, and then about 7am, start walking down The Strand towards 24th Street to shoot the long shadows, buildings and alleyways. These can provide for some interesting backgrounds (great for compositing in Photoshop), textures, etc.  We’ll go around to Mechanic Street and back up to 20th Street and back to The Strand.

We’ll finish up at the Starbucks on Kempner – for those that need to re-caffeinate and grab a snack.


For those that have the time and would like something additional to shoot, we can go to the Galveston Railroad Museum, which opens at 10am (cost is $12 per person).


This ia a rain-or-shine Photowalk. We can’t predict the clouds, but hopefully we will have a clear morning. The event moves forward regardless of weather!


It will be VERY tempting to park along The Strand, since it’s going to be pretty much empty. But please park on side streets or in one of the parking lots so our cars don’t spoil our shots.


This is going to be a low light event, so be sure and bring your tripod, remote trigger,ND filters (can be helpful), lens shade.

Since this is August, bring a soft cloth to dry off your hands, a lens cleaning cloth if your viewfinder/lens fogs over.  Also, bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

When your about 15 minutes from arriving, turn off the A/C in your car and open the windows. This will allow your camera to get to the outside temperature and avoid fogging.


I’m Charles.  I’ve been part of Houston Photowalks – where we provide photowalks, photography and editing classes for the greater Houston area.  I work full time as the risk manager for Houston Methodist Hospital System.

    Marilyn Holloway What length lens is recommended for shooting the sunrise at the far end of the Strand? Marilyn

    Marshall Mullen From the Map, it looks like the starting location is The Strand and 20th, not 24th?

    Charles Putnam All Don't forget to set your clocks so you're up early for tomorrow's photowalk. There are multiple locations to park. We will meet on The Strand between 24th and 23rd Streets.

    Yvette Garza See y’all at the museum :-)

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