Good thing about photographing on Ocean Drive is that we have art deco hotels on one side and beach on the other. Plenty of image choices. I recommend bringing a light-weight tripod and a shutter release cable if you plan on making architectural images. I shoot a lot of HDR pics of buildings/hotels. In addition to a wide angle lens for capturing entire structures, bring a zoom/telephoto for closeup pics of amazing details on these beautiful buildings. I will teach those who are just starting out in photography and give tips to experienced photographers as well. It will be hot. Wear comfortable clothing and a cap to keep sun off your face. Bring water to stay hydrated. I move at a slow pace in order not to miss any cool little details to photograph that are usually missed when going at a fast pace. That’s why our walk is only five blocks.

In addition to shooting commercial lifestyle imagery, I also shoot assignments for hotels and resorts. You can see my work here:

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