Although it’s HOT & HUMID in Savannah, GA, in August, I’m super excited that the Photo Walk is back on schedule this year! Our walk will start in the morning, 9 a.m., so that we avoid the even hotter temperatures in the afternoon. We’ll gather at the Forsyth Park Fountain off of Gaston Street for a group photo at 9 a.m.

Typically Forsyth Park has lots of people, dogs, artisans, performers, etc. Also there’s a Farmers’ Market held every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. There will be lots of opportunities for “street photography” of people, produce, and pets. The fountain is also highly photographed. Most of our walkway will be shaded and we’ll take our time wandering around and strolling through the farmers’ market (bring a bag or backpack if you’d like to purchase some items too). In addition, the perimeter of the park is lined with old homes and great architectural finds.

AFTER THE WALK: The Bosendorfer Lounge at the Mansion on Forsyth has agreed to open an hour earlier, at 11 a.m., to accommodate our event. There will be space in the air conditioning to visit with one another, chat about photography, and order a drink or food from the lounge bar. Please come and hang out a while. I’m so excited they agreed to open early for us!

The Mansion on Forsyth, part of the Kessler Marriott collection, is a beautiful place to photograph with historic architectural charm and exquisite interior. If you’ve ever been in one of Kessler’s hotels, then you know what I mean. There is art and elegance everywhere you turn. Richard Kessler, owner of the hotel, is from Savannah and his residence is at the end of Forsyth Park on the corner of Bull and Gaston St… the white brick Armstrong-Kessler Mansion.

I look forward to hanging out with you all in this wonderful space after our photo walk!

TIPS: Bring comfortable walking shoes and bottled water. Dress for hot/humid weather. Parking is mostly street parking, so you’ll just have to luck up on a spot. There’s lots of side streets all around the park. Also bring a few dollars in cash because some vendors accept cash only and you may be interested in purchasing something along the way. Also it would be appropriate to tip any performers a dollar or two if you stop and spend some time photographing them.

ABOUT ME: I live in Glennville, GA, about an hour west of Savannah. I’ve been an outdoor/studio off-camera-flash photographer since about 2010, although I’ve slacked off quite a bit in the last few years. I’ve taken part as a participant in past year Photo Walks in Colorado Springs, Atlanta, Brooklyn, and Charleston. In 2018 I hosted the Photo Walk in my hometown of Glennville. While I’m mainly an iPhone 13 Pro shooter today, haha, I have a Canon 5D Mark IV and a variety of lenses and lighting equipment. In my professional work I enjoyed photographing high school seniors and families, but have also done my share of weddings, events, and other photography. My websites, should you choose to check them out, are and Facebook is my main social media outlet. I’ve been a member of KelbyOne since way back when it was the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

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