Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 8:00am - 12:00am

Where We Will Meet

Saphan Kwai BTS Station

Where The Walk Will End

Kampheng MRT Station

About This Walk

We will walk through the communities to the west of the Saphan Kwai BTS station beginning with Wat Pai Ton where we will spend some time. We will then continue through the area along the Bang Sue Canal and over to Praditat Road before we cross the canal at the Suan Kanwela Restaurant, our lunch stop. We plan to arrive at the restaurant at 11 am to eat lunch together before continuing onto the Or Tor Kor Market (a great fresh market that may be a shopping stop for many) and the Kampheng MRT station. The walk will end here but there will be options for early exits along the way for those who wish to shorten the walk.

  • Doug Horspool I’d like to join.

    • Dennie Cody Doug I see you did...

  • Dennie Cody If you are signed up you should read this information about the contest and how you will be able to submit: Contest Details: There are two types of contests: a photo contest and a video contest. Walkers can enter the walker photo contest and/or the video contest. Leaders can enter the leader photo contest and/or the video contest. Rules and details are below: The Walker Photo Contest Walkers can submit their best photo (one submission only) taken during the walk to their walk leader. The leader will review all entries and pick one winner to submit to the main photo contest. These winners are also known as the "individual walk winners." Scott Kelby will review all the individual walk winner's photos and pick one Grand Prize Winner of the Walker Photo Contest and ten Finalists. Video Contest All participants (Walkers and Leaders) will be able to submit a short video (5 minutes or less) taken during their walk to be entered into the contest. Scott Kelby will pick one winner to take home the Grand Prize. Only one video submission per person. Leader Photo Contest Each Leader will have the opportunity to submit one of their walk shots into a separate Leader Photo Contest. One Grand Prize winner will be picked by Scott Kelby. One submission only, please! Mobile Photography Photo Contest Pull out your phone or tablet and start snapping! All participants (Walkers and Leaders) will be able to submit one photo taken with a mobile device during their walk to be entered into this contest. Scott Kelby will pick one winner to take home the Mobile Grand Prize. Deadlines and Submission Details After your walk, come back here for submission details and links! Make sure you view the very important dates below: Monday,10/8 – Walker/Leader Photo and Video Contests Open for Submissions Monday,10/15 – Walker/Leader Photo and Video Contests Submission Deadline Wednesday, 10/17 – Individual Walk Winning Photos Selected by Leader and Submitted via a Form on The week of 10/29 – Grand Prize, ten Finalists, Leader Contest, Mobile Photography, and video contest will be announced

  • Hatem Kotb Too bad it's full :( ... I can still join for the fun though, haven't joined any of your walks yet (^__^)

    • Dennie Cody You are welcome to join any way...but if you are on the waiting list you should come in case some of the 50 drop out and then you will get added to the Official List...

      • Dennie Cody You are now #1 on the wait list...

      • Hatem Kotb I just noticed I made it, yayy! =)

  • Dennie Cody On Saturday October 6, 2018 when you arrive at the Saphan Kwai BTS station go down the stairs at exit #3 and Goran Ehren will be there to direct you...Be there before 8 am..... I have posted maps in both the meetup group and the Facebook group. Just remember Exit #3

  • Dennie Cody There are three photographers that I know of who will not walk tomorrow so those of you on the waiting list make sure you come to the walk as you will likely get into the the 50....but not if you do not show up...

  • Dennie Cody Rain or Shine we will walk!!!

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