Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 8:15am - 10:30am

Where We Will Meet

In front of Casino Arcade corner of Beach St/Cliff St

Where The Walk Will End

Ideal Bar & Grill (we have reservation!)

About This Walk

After parking on the street (by the hour) or in the parking lot of the Boardwalk (all day $20), walk to the front of the first building of the Boardwalk, the Casino  and Arcade to meet our group. We will leave on our walk at 8:30, so be sure to get here between 8:15-8:30. We will walk through the iconic landmark of Santa Cruz Boardwalk, rides don’t open until 11am, so it will be empty. We can take photos of the rides, the buildings, the beach, the seabirds in this area, which I anticipate will take a good hour so there will be plenty of time. Then we will go to the Riverwalk along the San Lorenzo River, and see the railroad bridge, perhaps more birds in the water. We walk along the river for a little bit until we reach a bend in the river, where we can see the buildings in downtown Santa Cruz, then we will go up a few steps to Cliff St, and in the Beach Hill area of Santa Cruz. This area has a lot of historic Victorian houses, so we will stop to admire them and take photos too. We will turn onto Third St and then Main St to head back south toward the beach. If we have time, we can go to the Wharf. The plan is to end up at the Ideal Bar & Grill for some drinks and late breakfast or early lunch as the case may be, and go over the photos you took on the tour. A winner will be selected to win a prize from Kelby. During the walk I will be available to answer questions about photography or Santa Cruz.

I am a professional photographer here in Santa Cruz, I opened my studio Positive Vista Photography & Art in 2007.

You can bring any camera, or just use the camera in your phone! Other things to bring: sunscreen (you may need it) or a hat.

getting ready for the photowalkOctober 3rd, 2018

looking forward to the photowalk on Saturday. you are welcome and encouraged to use your mobile phone to take photos and videos on the walk, since there is a separate contest for mobile devices! check out the possible prizes here

  • portia shao weather forecast for Oct 6 is partly cloudy, with a high of 64F, but you might still want to bring hat.

  • Lora Lee Chapman Great walk today, thank you!

    • portia shao Thanks for coming, it was great to meet you! We are sharing some photos, please check back for links.

  • LLChapman Here is a Flickr group to post pictures from the walk in:

  • portia shao Thanks Lora Lee, I have also set up a shared album on GooglePlus here

  • portia shao sorry, the Google+ album is here

  • portia shao I just found out Google+ is shutting down their consumer version, so never mind, just share using the Flickr link set up by Lora Lee above

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