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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Parking lot in front (west) of the gift shop and restaurant.

Where The Walk Will End

Parking lot in front (west) of the gift shop and restaurant.

About This Walk

I’m a hobbyist photographer who does mostly nature photos – a lot of flowers, but since retiring to Southeast Missouri I’ve been shooting fewer flowers and more waterfalls, shut-ins, and such. I’ve participated in 3 previous Photowalks, but never as a leader.

Sam A. Baker has lots of places to walk and click – trails, access to Big Creek at several spots, water activities, camping, etc. I’ve scheduled for the evening so we should have good light.

The Mudlick Grill is open until 8:00 for those of us who want to stay, chat, and share photos.

    Irv Cobb Hi Photowalkers! Looks like we will have small group tonight at Sam A Baker. Presently there are only three of us registered. There's still time, so if you have a friend or acquaintance who would like to attend, point then to this link: Also, I'll have my wife with me, and you are certainly welcome to bring along a companion, whether or not they want to take photos. Irv

    Irv Cobb I'll arrive at the park a little early and park near the park store. I drive a little old silver Kia, and I'll set up my tripod by it, so I should be too hard to find.

    Irv Cobb Also, there are at least two other photo contest that you might want to think about on the walk:

    Irv Cobb Humble apologies to walkers who may have showed up and not found me there. I got confused about the start time (that I had set). VERY sorry.

    John Gerard Hi Irv, I pulled in at 5:30 and couldn't find anyone in the parking lot or in the Mudlick Snack Shack. I looked around for anyone with camera gear and thought the group must have departed just before I pulled in. I enjoyed the walk along the Shut-ins trail and managed to find some great photo opportunities along the way. I even waded into the river where it was very low to cross over to a rocky sand bar. I managed to return to the parking lot around 6:50 but I didn't see any other photo walkers as I changed my wet socks in the back of my Subaru hatchback. The route you planned was nice and I enjoyed the evening walk but I did miss the company of other photo walkers.

    Irv Cobb John, Again I'm so sorry I messed up on the times. I had in my mind that we were meeting at 5:00, and when no one else had shown at 5:25, my wife and I went walking on our own. Sincere apologies. I'm glad you enjoyed the walk, and hope you got some great images!

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