Who is leading your walk?
Hi there!  My name is Laura Twining and I’m thrilled to be leading one of the Worldwide Photowalks in Sacramento, California.  I am a Nikon shooter and love to shoot nature, macro, architecture, astrophotography, and many other items in between!   I usually shoot with a manual focus art lens, a Lensbaby or other vintage lenses and love the creativity I have access to in camera.   I enjoy living in the area and usually start my day with my camera and dog walking along the American River Parkway.

Why Walk in Sacramento?
For our walk, I wanted to celebrate our State Capitol grounds and nearby architecture, especially the newly build Golden 1 Center.  The walk distance is just over 1 mile and there is a lot of magic to be found through your lens!  We will meet outside our State Capitol grounds on the West side.  We will be staying outside of the capitol and be able to shoot the buildings, art, and grounds.  Next, we will walk down L street to the Golden 1 Center and conclude across the street from the Capitol at the Hyatt Regency, Vines Cafe.  Following our walk, we will have a chance to visit and share images over coffee/meal at Vines Cafe.

Tips for our walk:

UPDATE:  There is construction on the North side of the Capitol and in spots along the downtown area.   There are empty buildings and Homeless Folks along the route.  I have spent more time in this area preparing for our walk than I have in years!  (Four trips and walk arounds as of today!)  Each time I have felt more than comfortable being outside alone with my camera.  Don’t anticipate any problems for us.    

We will finish at the Hyatt Regency at their Vines Cafe, they have outdoor seating which I felt would be a plus.   Hyatt Regency is located at: 1209 L Street, across from the Capitol on the North side.

Feel free to text me with any questions or concerns at: 916-747-3148.  You are also welcome to call, just know your call will to voicemail as it is an unknown number.   I will return your call as soon as possible.  Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!  

It can be exceptionally hot in Sacramento, so bring water, wear a hat or visor, wear sunscreen, and good walking shoes for uneven terrain.

Parking garages are available near the State Capitol with Light Rail stops nearby as well.

Looking forward to meeting you and shooting together!


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