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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Outside Tate Modern, bankside, London SE1 9TG

Where The Walk Will End

Bedales of Borough Market, 5 Bedales Street, SE1 9AL

About This Walk

Come & join us for a strol along the fantastic landmarks along the River Thames , including great opportunity to capture River Thames from the bank at low tide just after midday itself. River Swans are often a common sighting by the bank, so spot of wild life photography is very probable on our day! Some of the landmarks by the river we hope to capture are the Millenium Bridge, St Pauls Cathedral, Globe Theater, Tower of London, London Eye, & Tower Bridge (possibly HMS Belfast ship, too). So there’s plenty of oppotunity to shoot City scape by the river, architecture and people spotting Street photography too.
I am a photographer, published author of a photobook, keynote speaker on experiemental photography and I facilitate photographic workshops in London and Surrey – so you are in great hands on this trip.
After we finish, feel free to join me in Borough Market area for drink to finish our time together – this will be around 3-3:30pm BST.
If time and energy inspires us some of us may head back for some blue & golden hour shots along the river side!

NB: Sturdy waterproof comfortable walking shoes / boots with grip is recommended. Do be mindful of your physical capacities and limitations – we will be going down to the river. If you have any disabilities or concerns, please get in touch prior to signing up or speak to me on the day. Thank you

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  1. I would really like to come in the walk but the trains from St Albans look a nightmare at the moment. Will try and leave it until later in the week to see if other travel options are possible.

  2. Hi Philip,
    I hear you …we are heading right to the thick n think of the strike and limited services aren’t we . Yes please .. see how your end fairs by tomorrow .. some areas the strikes are called off.. but sadly not all.. so this may or may not affect your Thames link connection in to Blackfriers Philip.
    I sincerely hope to see you at the event, if all is well
    Thank you for expressing your interest.
    With warmest wishes – Vathani

  3. To Everyone ,

    Just 3 more sleeps everyone , before we Rock n Roll on Saturday!
    Please do check your local train and tube connections as some transport disruptions are happening on some of the lines , despite most strikes are now called off .
    We are blessed with a sunny day .
    Remember your good sturdy waterproof shoes, if you have them to walk comofrtably along the river banks πŸ˜‰

    Can’t wait to see you !

    with warmest wishes

  4. Hi Vathani, thank you for the information. Just wanted to check with you about the river bank where the walk will be. Unfortunately, I don’t have my hiking boots with me for the weekend – is there an option to follow on the dryer part of the bank? I do have wellies but bit cumbersome to carry and bring on all the rail links.

  5. Dear Philip,

    Thank you for checking this ..
    Ofcourse! You’ll be fine with say trainers.. as long as you are comfortable.. I’ll navigate you to the dryer area.. and there’ll be plenty of that tomorrow … You are right about wellies Sir! πŸ˜‰
    I’m packing mine..only because I want to grab one shot from the water !
    Looking forward to seeing you ! Hope Thames Link plays nice with you!

    With warmest wishes
    Vathani X
    My mobile : 0798 836 7700

  6. JUST ONE more sleep everyone & we are ready to snap away to our heart’s conent TOMORROW!

    Hope you are excited , like I am? πŸ˜‰

    Here’s what I like you to do :

    ** As it’s only 2 hour walk, please be on time so we can all start our walk promptly on time at 1pm .. so worth coming and meeting me 10-15 minutes early to say HI and meeting some of your other fellow walkers too**

    1) Be sure you are registered at the official Kelbyone site , be sure to include all your party in your group if you are bringing guests:

    2) Save my name & Whatapp mobile phone number , incase you need to reach me if you like to :
    0798 836 7700

    3) Remember to wear comfortable but ideally water-proof shoes for this 2 hour walk – we will be going down to the bank side of the river , for some awesome cityscape by the water view shots ! Wellies are good too.. but you do NOT need to get wet or go anywhere near the water for your shots.

    4) Meeting point is Outside the Tate Modern..closer to the benches you’ll see so you can sit and wait . I’ll be that petite asian lady with a smile ! πŸ˜€

    5) If you have any limitations or diability, or cannot go down to the waters, that’s ok ,, Do please come and speak to me 1st BEFORE we start the I can accommodate any needs you may have.

    6) There’s much grounds to cover in that short 2 hours.. so we’ll be lead by the slowest person – not the fastest . I would love to have my group together at all times stay close by please. I’ll indicate when we are moving from a spot. ok

    7) If for any reason you cannot make it , please message me as soon as you know.

    8) What might be helpful for your photography :
    Fully charged batteries for camera / mobile phone
    Space on your SD card & even spare SD card
    Tripod, especially if you are hoping to nail some Long exposure by the river! 1 of my favs!
    Lens selection, just a few you are travelling light still
    As its a day time shoot, with plenty sun predicted light trails wont be possible..but if you wanted to bring a small torch DO.
    Layered clothes so you are warm & comfortable – if too hot, can always adjust accordingly.
    Any food, drinks, medications you may need to take during the hours of 13:00 & 15:00

    I may bring some mirrors for you to catch some reflections & play with to add some fun image to your captures.

    9) Please keep your valuables with you at ALL times.

    10) If for any reason you need to leave our party early, do come and say Bye to me ..or very least message me I know not to look for you .

    Lets have FUN! and make new photographic friends too!
    I’m here to answer any of your questions , on the day or even after.. so don’t be shy.. we are all going to be all at different levels of skills and experience.. that’s what’s going to make this walk time fun and enjoyable ! So no question is unimportant or silly .. Just ask away!

    Hope you get a good night sleep tonight!

    Can’t wait to see you !

    with warmest wishes

    Vathani X

    Vathani Navasothy
    0798 836 7700

  7. ** Just for FUN **

    Remeber you can submit your BEST picture , taken during our 2hour walk – be it a mobile shot or taken on your camera to enter the friendly competition.
    ONE picture only per walker.. out of our 13 walkers tomorrow , One BEST picture will be picked by yours truly..
    Over all WINNER , picked by Scott Kelby himself on the 21st will be announced and shall win AMAZING prizes go check out different categories and goodies now! πŸ˜€

    Just a bit fun ! Why not!
    Warmest – V X
    Closing date & time for your photo submission: 15th of October 4:59 am UK time for us

  8. It’s the World Wide Photo Walk Day everyone !

    Some friendly & creative photographing time awaits us by the River Thames !

    Lets have some FUN!

    Please arrive by 12:50pm for a prompt 1pm start. Ty.

    I look forward to seeing you all TODAY!

    With warmest -Vathani X

  9. I a at the Tate but can’t find you and phone not ringing. Where exactly are you ?

  10. To ALL my wonderful walkers & fellow Creatives!

    Thank you for an amazing experience ! All of you were a joy to hang out with and take some smashing pictures by the River Thames – we certainly got busy with some great landmarks, wild life, city scape, street and B&W thrown for good measure! Hope you enjoyed your day?

    Many of you have travelled far and wide.. especially Philip, from beyond St Albans today, so Thank you for making the time, efforts and showing up to play along ..when public transport wasn’t so easy today !

    Hope you all relax and enjoy a slightly slower pace tomorrow.. I know you are going to be delighted with your own captures when you take a peak.. Remember, your Contest submission is under YOUR WALK section of your account (once logged in) . What ever you pick as your final image is going to be wonderful as we had some truly lovely images to capture today!
    Latest submission date: 15th of Oct 4:59am BST

    I’ll be in touch soon to connect with you and you with one another, as promised !
    Perhaps I’ll see some of you at our next Kelbyone Community Live, this coming Thursday – weekly community zoom call many of you already knew about! πŸ˜€

    Big Thanks to my brother Mani, for joining us to help me out!
    With warmest wishes & Good night lovely creative friends
    Vathani X

  11. Dear all ,

    Just a friendly reminder, for you to get picking & posting your Final Chosen image in to YOUR WALK section.
    Do post your all time favourite, and you’ll be in with the chance to WIN some truly awesome prizes!

    Sooner you post the more eyes your picture shall get..& that’s always a good thing, for likes and appreciation from all of our community!

    Gentle reminder, if you wish to you can still donate to a smashing cause like : Spring of Hope Orphanage in Kenya -a children charity.

    Finally, our Kelbyone Community LIVE zoom gathering takes place every Thursday : our 10pm UK time.. so if you are a member, or interested in what we are all come along.. trial membership are available ! Worth every bit.!

    As many of you have requested, I’ll be connecting you all . Fantastic ..lets stay in touch & keep growing as photographic Creatives that you are!
    With warmest wishes to my excellent River Thames photo friends
    Vathani xxx

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