Saturday, October 5th, 2019 | 10:30am - 2:30pm

Where We Will Meet

In the rear of Fairway Market, adjacent to the water

Where The Walk Will End

We meet at Fairway again and grab a bite.

About This Walk

A tour of the industrial waterfront neighborhood of Brooklyn.

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Photo SharingOctober 7th, 2019

Hi again everyone,

The contest is live and you need to upload your one image as soon as possible. Just navigate back to the page where you signed up and there should be a link to upload your one image from our day.

Red Hook, the waterfront of Brooklyn

If you want to share the rest of your images from that day, I created a Flickr group where you can upload an edited selection. Please only upload a modest amount in order to keep the gallery as small and viewable as possible.

It was great to meet all of you and hope we can continue the walk on the Interwebs.



Tomorrow is the dayOctober 4th, 2019

Hi all. Sorry for the lack of updates. Sometimes life hits you like a ton a bricks.
So, we’ll be meeting at the Fairway supermarket on the back side near the water and ferry launch. There’s an old trolley car there and we can gather for a quick group shot.We’ll meet there at 10:30am.
We have a couple of choices of direction to travel: we can go towards Ikea where there is a cool park and some industrial cranes or we can head towards the cruise ship berth area (I don’t know if there are any ships there this weekend). The latter direction is more into the streets of Red Hook and the neighborhood. The Ikea direction is a little more sparse between where we start and the park near Ikea, but the cranes are really cool. We can have a consensus decision tomorrow.

If you are driving, there should be plenty of street parking within a few blocks of Fairway. As far as I know you cannot park in the Fairway lot if you’re not shopping and if you are, no longer that two hours.

The weather looks really nice for tomorrow so it should be a fun walk.

If you come late and need to text me, my number is 917-518-7853.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Don’t forget to bring charged batteries! 😉


    Rhinography I'm looking forward to joining the walk of Red Hook. I was scheduled to be out of town, but I'm glad it opened up for me. Thank You!

    Carole Lehrman Looking forward to my 4th walk. Do you know if you can park in Fairway’s parking lot?

    Louis Trapani Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it there to Red Hook this morning. 🙁

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