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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 3:00pm - 5:30pm

Where We Will Meet

Meet up at exactly 3pm in Kmart Port Macquarie Car Park

Where The Walk Will End

End our walk in Town Beach (Salty Crew Kiosk)

About This Walk



I apologise that I can’t join the walk tomorrow because oh health related issues. If you would like to continue the walk and can lead the group I am happy to pass it to you.

Sorry for the inconvenience..we cannot predict Covid when it strike. Thank you for your understanding.


Hi, I am Cheryl, this is my first time leading the walk. I have been joining the Scot Kelby walk years ago in Surigao city Philippines.

I’ve been here in Port Macquarie and looking for leaders of Scot Kelby’s photo walk but I can find any, and this year my friends

in Surigao are organizing again they encourage me to create and lead the walk. Here I am taking a stand and courage to lead the walk.

I consider myself still a beginner in photography so bear with me.  Let’s just make some fun and get to know everyone. Please follow the health protocol.

If you are unwell, don’t come.

    Coral Arlidge Hi I'm joining the walk but I wonder how we are getting back to our cars if we don't finish until 5:30. I'm happy to catch a cab if anyone wants to share maybe. I don't live in Port so don't have anyone to pick me up. Looking forward to the afternoon

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