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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Where We Will Meet

None - walk at your own risk

Where The Walk Will End

No plans but feel free to dine w/others at your own expense

About This Walk

THE CONTEST IS OPEN Till October 14, 2023 at 11:59 pm.  To enter your photo into the contest for our group and the worldwide photo contest, use the Contest tab that should appear when you log into our walk website.  I will choose the winning photo for our group, and the whole world will choose the People’s Choice winner!

NEW UPDATE!  I’m giving people a second chance to meet tonight, though last minute, if they want to be on this photowalk.  The rain seems to be letting up.  If you do go, please avoid flooded areas.

There will be no formal route, but I wanted people to have a chance of getting out there and possibly even catching a sunset at the docks.   I already lifted the time restriction so people can walk whenever they feel safe.  Please note: the walk leader will not be held responsible for any personal injury or property damage that happens to or by walkers!  So if you go, you agree to accept 1oo% of responsibility and risk.

Welcome to our walk through beautiful Port Washington/Baxter Estates/North Port Washington!  We will no longer gather for a group photo.
Our walk will cover the waterfront areas of these communities and some of lovely Main Street in Port Washington.  People are also free to take photos anywhere they like either in the town with our group or on their own.  You can walk, drive, or a combination, and you don’t have to be there the full 2 hours to enter our contest.  However, only photos taken within the covered area on October 7 will be eligible to compete in the free, optional contest on the Scott Kelby site.  I have led walks for many years and run the Long Island Photowalkers group on Facebook

To connect with other photographers on this walk, please join our group on Facebook, Long Island PhotoWalkers, found at this link: Long Island PhotoWalkers | Facebook

You must be at least 21 years old to participate, no pets.  You are welcome to walk, drive, bicycle, etc. during the walk, but please be careful and respect all laws and traffic rules. Masking and social distancing is encouraged.  No drinking, illegal substance use, vaping or smoking of any kind. You can be any level of photographer – even cellphone cameras can be used! By responding to this event or attending, you agree to hold harmless the event organizers of any injuries or damages, both accidental or intentional. incurred during the event.

Most of this walk is on level ground, though there are some hilly areas that you may want to drive to, such as around Main Street.  Wear comfortable shoes, bring weather appropriate gear, clothing and water.  Travel light to make it more enjoyable.  Some may want to park and drive between locations on the walk – that’s up to you.  You can also photograph the LIRR train station and inside stores – though please always ask for permission before doing so.   A great spot for a photo is the balcony of the library, which has a view down Main Street to the harbor.  Hope you all enjoy!

11 Responses

  1. I would like to bring members of The Flushing Camera Club on this walk. I will publish the walk on our website to see how many are interested. Thank you, Bill McLernon – President – Flushing Camera Club

  2. Wonderful! Please have them register on this site. Looking forward to meeting many of you there!

  3. Walk day is almost here! Roy and I look forward to seeing you this Saturday! It will be rain or shine, except for dangerous weather, of course. There ae many interesting, indoor venues along Main Street and Shore Drive for those wishing to duck inside if it turns out to be rainy. We will update you if our meeting place changes as well. Meanwhile, clear those memory cards, charge up your batteries and get ready for a fun walk!

  4. Roy Schneider will be our walk leader as Ilene Schuss is unable to be there. Whatever you do, please be careful, exercise preventative health hygiene to help avoid spread or infection and have fun!

  5. If, for some reason, Roy is unable to be our leader, please let me know if you’d like to step into that role by commenting here with your contact info. The walk can still take place without a leader present, as all people need to do is take their photos in the designated 2 hour window in the selected area of our walk.

  6. As it currently stands, only Nancy Wildermuth will be present to lead our walk and only if weather permits. She has shoulder length blonde hair and is very helpful to others! If, for some reason, she cannot attend, the walk will still go on, rain or shine. In the event of dangerous weather, please exercise appropriate judgement.

    We have about 12 people currently coming to our walk.

  7. Seeing the dangerous weather forecast for today, including thundershowers at 11 and a moderate flood watch, we will not have a formal walk. Those who still choose to go are advised to go before the bad weather hits. The walk leaders will not be held responsible for any personal or property damage that results from attending this event. Please stay safe everyone!

  8. Now the rain is moving on, I’m opening this walk back up for an informal walk 5-7 pm tonight in the hopes some of you might be able to make it and catch a glorious sunset if the sun decides to show its face. Who knows? Maybe even a rainbow if it does? Please, if you go, there is no formal route and no leader present. Best spot for sunset is at the Town Docks or anywhere near the water, though I don’t know how flooded those areas might be. Please be careful if you do go. I’m accepting photos taken in the walk area anytime today since there may have been someone who went eariler today.

  9. The contest entry period is now open! Last day to submit your photo from our walk is October 14, 2023 at 11:59 pm. The sooner you enter, the better your chances to garner more votes in the People’s Choice Contest.
    I will be selecting the winner from our group by October 21 at 11:59 pm or sooner, depending on the number of entries. Good luck to all of you who made it to our walk site that day!

  10. Congratulations to Roy Schneider on winning our contest! His photo, taken after the rain subsided around sunset, has been entered into the Worldwide competition. Please also like his photo to help him in the People’s Choice competition. To see his photo, go to the gallery of entries and select our walk.

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