Old Jerome is an amazing old town full of tremendous  history and a photographers dream. It’s like being on one edge of the Grand Canyon and finding so much to shoot. The views are breathtaking and the town is full great art galleries and many other shops and eateries.

Be advised, the hills can be very challenging. Check the weather and bring the appropriate clothes and shoes. Parking is always an issue but shouldn’t be if you get to the town by 0730. Jerome charges for parking. It is very reasonable. Brings cash and credit card. We will meet at the Jerome Police Station on Main Street. There are several coffee shops and places to eat. You will love Jerome.

Wide Angle, Tele-Photo, long lens, kit lens and iPhones are all welcome. Heck, if you would like to just walk around with us that would be great as well.

My Name: Jon-Nolan

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  1. Hi there! I’m Levi from KelbyOne customer service department. I see that you’re a Walk Leader, which is currently showing a little conflict.
    You’re listing Jerome, AZ as your Walk location but the Map is showing Idaho as your Walk location?

  2. There was a conflict it has been resolved. The photowalk with talk place in Jerome, AZ. Sorry for any miscommunication. Jon-Nolan

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