Join the Photography Enthusiast of El Paso as we explore the three El Paso Missions: Ysleta, Socorro and San Elizario. We will start at the Ysleta Mission at 9AM and work our way to the San Eli Mission ending at noon. We will then have a no-host lunch at Shooters BBQ for those wishing to stay.

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  1. All are welcome. You do not need to be a member of PEEP in order to join us. Any level of photographer with any kind of camera is welcome.

  2. Tips for the Mission Trail Photo Shoot

    Ysleta Mission: 131 S. Zaragosa
    Socorro Mission: 328 S, Nevarez Rd
    San Elizario Mission: 1556 San Elizario Rd
    Shooters BBQ: 1591 Main St #18, San Elizario

    At All Missions:
    Be respectful: Do not interfere with any events such as weddings or funerals that may be happening. These missions are operating churches and as such may have worshipers inside and out. Do not interfere in any way.
    If inside, please be as quiet as possible.
    Stay away from any areas that are off limits to the general public. This includes confessionals, alters, tabernacles, ect.
    A church sanctuary may be closed. If the front door is closed, it is closed to the public. If it is open, and there is no event going on, it is open to the public.
    Remove your hat when inside a sanctuary.

    Self Care:
    The forecast is for mostly sunny and a high in the mid 90’s.
    Wear a hat and use sunscreen.
    Bring a drink and snacks for the shoot.
    Lunch at Shooter’s BBQ is NO HOST, meaning you have to pay your way.

    The Shoot:
    Plan your time. 3 missions, 3 hours. It is not a race to see who can get to the end first. You may want to spend your entire time at a single location and that is fine!
    Take picts along the way. You are not limited to just the missions. There are many photo opportunities all along the Mission Trail. Fields of cotton, colorful shops, junkyards, abandoned buildings, graffiti…all are grist for your creative photo mill.
    Drive carefully. Both Socorro and North Loop are single lane roads with varying speed zones and traffic.
    Try something new: Have a filter you haven’t used in a while? Bought a new lens? Been itching to try video instead of still photos? Try a long exposure! Now is a great time to experiment.
    Each mission has a nearby cemetery. The Socorro and San Eli cemeteries are more rustic, while the Ysleta cemetery at Mt. Carmel is more modern.
    Upload your best images/videos to the Correct folder in the Facebook Media Section. It is entitled “Mission trail Photo Shoot”

  3. We will try to take a group photo at around 9:15 before we all disperse to take walks. Please hang around until that time.

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