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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 7:30am - 10:00am

Where We Will Meet

Central Green corner of Rouse and Intrepid

Where The Walk Will End

Courtyard by Marriott Bistro, the corner of Rouse & Intrepid

About This Walk

The Navy Yard Reborn

We will take a stroll around the Philadelphia Navy Yard, which combines the older buildings that comprised the old Naval Air Base with a redeveloped area, which comprises many examples of 21st Century contemporary architecture. See many decommissioned ships, as well a working shipyard that refurbishes and repairs current vessels. Whether you like to photograph abandoned or historic buildings, ships, or urban landscapes with sleek up to date architecture, you will find something to capture. The terrain is flat, so although the grounds are extensive, and there are many benches and places to rest, this walk is for everyone.

I have led five Kelby Photowalks and walked in three others, so be prepared for a learning and sharing experience. Walkers will be provided with maps, tips and in the lead up to the event, photos taken at various places in the yard, so you can plan your time.

At the end of the event, we will meet and review our images. One of the most rewarding parts of the WWPW is seeing just how other photographers choose to interpret the same terrain.

I look forward to having another engaged and engaging group of photographers with whom to share the morning!


Contest Submission Deadline Midnight Tonight, Friday, August 26August 26th, 2022

If you haven’t already submitted your best photo to the international contest, please do. Unlike past years, I have no way of knowing who has and has not entered until after the deadline.

You can enter your photo via a tab underneath the map on the walk page on the Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk site.

Since I know a few people from the walk, I will have someone from outside judge our winner.

Also please join the Facebook Group and share more of your images so that we can all see the choices made, artistry exhibited, and techniques used by the talented and various folks who went on the walk. The link is


Photo Sharing PageAugust 22nd, 2022


Everyone has had time to edit and select their photos from the day, so it is time to share!

There were some difficulties setting up a Flickr sharing group, so I fell back to the old reliable, Facebook. Here is the URL for joining the group:

About a dozen people were brave enough to share on the spot at the Courtyard by Marriott, but I look forward to seeing photos from the rest of you. One of the wonderful things about photographing with a group is seeing how differently people see the same scenes and subjects, and also what different things people choose to photograph.

DON’T FORGET TO SUBMIT YOUR BEST PHOTO TO THE TAB ON THE KELBY PHOTOWALK PAGE underneath the map. Each group will have one photo represent them in the international contest, which has great prizes and is an opportunity to be recognized. The deadline IS MIDNIGHT FRIDAY. I will have an outside judge choose our entry. Remember that contest photos will be reviewed in bulk, so aim for impact. I saw a lot of competition-worthy shots on the day, so please submit.

Thanks everyone for a great walk.

Map for Tomorrow’s Walk, Details on Starting Point, Ending Point, and BistroAugust 12th, 2022

Greetings, Photo Walkers!

It looks like we have a nice crowd for tomorrow’s photo walk and weather to match. The temperature should register a comfortable 65 when we take off and 73 or so when we finish, with low humidity. There will be bright sun, so protect yourself with sunscreen and sunglasses, and protect your images with a lens hood and if you have one, a polarizer. The sun should be low in the sky for great angled light in the morning.

The Beginning (7:15-7:30)

Please arrive between 7:15 and 7:30 so we can check everyone in and take a group photo. Central Green is a pretty big park, so we will meet close to the corner of Intrepid and Rouse, across from the Marriott.

The Middle (7:30-10:00)

We will set out to photograph the unusual collection of contemporary buildings and sculpture clustered around Rouse Blvd, then go to the decommissioned ship area, through the historic core, down to the waterfront, where the aircraft carrier SS John Kennedy is moored, along with other ships in an area that has been renovated for the Urban Outfitters campus. From there we will move on to some abandoned buildings, the un-refurbished part of the historic core, and back finally to Central Green.

Here is a link to the a PDF of a map of the walk route. I will have black and white copies on hand, but you may want to print it in color or download it onto your mobile phone.

Of course, inevitably we will not end up as a pack of 30 charging down the street. People tend to break up into smaller groups, see something to photograph off the charted path, or linger and work a shot that they feel is a winner. The Navy Yard is full of benches and cozy spots to rest a minute if need be, as well. The most important thing is we all have a good time and end up at the Bistro at 10.

The Ending Get Together (10:00)

The Bistro at the Courtyard by Marriott will be the site of our post walk get together and photo sharing. They will be serving breakfast. You need to buy your food and beverage at the counter, and then proceed to the SS New Jersey room, where they have set us with a big screen television to view our images. I will download your chips onto my computer, and you can choose what to share as we chow down.

See you tomorrow!

Just a few days left until WWPW 2022August 9th, 2022

Greetings, Photo Walkers:

It’s my pleasure to lead my sixth Kelby Photo Walk in Philadelphia. This wonderful mix of fellowship, photography, and philanthropy is a highlight of every year.

We could not ask for better weather in terms of the temperature and comfort, as of today’s forecast for Saturday. It will be in the 60s when we start out, rising to the low to mid 70s by the time we convene at the end of the walk. Dew points will be around 50, and anything below 60 means a comfortable level of humidity. It will be sunny, so don’t neglect the sunscreen and the water – it is still August.

Photographically, the bright sun may cause some challenges late in the morning, but the angle of the sun in the early hours can be a plus, especially photographing ships and buildings. Be sure to have a lens hood handy, as well as a polarizer if you have one.

The schedule:

7:15 Check in and orientation
7:30 Photowalk on a route south to the Delaware River and back to Central Green
10:00 Meetup at the Marriott to review and socialize


What camera and lenses should I bring?

You can make great photos with anything from a phone to a view camera. However, the Navy Yard affords opportunities to get close to many buildings and also situations where water and distance dictate a longer shot. It pays to be versatile and nimble.

The Navy features everything from dilapidated buildings to the sleekest cutting edge architecture, public art, historical properties, and of course loads of navel vessels. There will be no lack of subjects to capture!

We will be mostly on foot, so bring as light a rig as practical. Since there will be plenty of light, a so-called walking around lens (a zoom that covers focal lengths from wide to telephoto) serves well. Don’t forget the basics: fully charged batteries and extra memory chips.

How long is the walk?

Central Green, where we will start our walk, is about seven tenths of a mile from the USS JF Kennedy, our farthest point, so you will probably walk about a mile and a half in the two and a half hours we are out shooting. Maps will be provided, as different people have different interests, and I will hand out a map with a suggested route with photographic points of interest. You can download a map here if you want to plan ahead: Maps are also available at the guardhouse at the Navy Yard entrance.

Since the URBN building is closed on weekends, all the available bathrooms are at the meeting point. Please take care of that before setting out.

How do I get there?

Directions are here. It is close to I-76 and !-95.

What about parking?

Street parking is abundant and FREE.

How do I get there by public transit?

The Navy Yard is a several blocks south of the end of the Broad Street Subway Line (NRG Station). The 17 bus provides service from NRG to the Navy Yard at 7:02 AM and from 16th and Market to the Navy Yard at 6:38. On foot from NRG to the meeting point will take about 20 minutes. If you need to carpool, post your needs in the discussion.

What if I am late or lost?

Call me at 215-668-2378 and I will try to help1

What happens at the end of the walk?

The social aspect of the photo walk is key. We have arranged to meet at the Bistro at the Courtyard by Marriott, which is across the street from our starting point around 10 AM. They will have breakfast available to purchase.

We will share our photos on their televisions while we enjoy breakfast or beverages. One of the most rewarding parts of taking part in a photowalk is seeing how different photographers see the same things.

An online photo sharing group will also be set up after the event so that participants can display their photo, discuss them, and share insights. I will run contests for best ship, best modern building, best historical building, best public art, and since we will be in the flight path for the Philly airport, best plane!

Also, Kelby will be sending you a link to enter one photograph into an international WWPW contest with big prizes. I will have an independent judge choose which of our photos is “best of the day,” and that image will be our entry in the international contest. A photo from our Manayunk walk did place in the top 10 a few years ago!

I look forward to seeing everyone and having a great day of photography. Don’t forget to remember the orphans in Kenya, who benefit from our donations and purchases of merchandise. Thank you for your participation and enthusiasm!



    Ted Waters I am looking forward to walking along with my fellow photographers. See you out there.

    Joe Routon How's the parking in that area? What other transportation options are there, if parking is not available?

    Bill Jordan Joe: There is plentiful FREE street parking at the site. For those not coming by auto, it is a short walk from the NRG station on the Broad Street Line.

    Bill Jordan Hey, Ted. It will be good to see you again!

    Ted Waters It's been a minute. Can't wait to catch up with you, and see what I can find this time ;)

    Sharon Deloughery-Nihart Where do we submit photos? From what I read, we are to be clicking on a tab labeled " “LEADERS CONTEST” under the map on your walk. I am not seeing this.

    Claire Robinson I, like Sharon, don’t see a “Contest” tab as the following instructions that were given. “ Click on the “CONTEST” tab under the map on your walk page”

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