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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 10:30am - 12:30pm

Where We Will Meet

Petersburg Town Hall meeting room - to be confirmed by Mayor

Where The Walk Will End

Optional lunch at Heaven's Nectar - more on this at briefing

About This Walk

Dick Dougall has led Scott Kelby WorldWide PhotoWalks in Middle Tennessee since 2009 missing only the two bad pandemic years. Dick produces a photo book of each of these walks using five best shots from each person on the walk. Our judge for the best shot from Petersburg will be Jerry Atnip who has done this ably since Dick’s first Kelby walk. Petersburg is a very small town featuring fascinating antique stores who said they will welcome our group to photograph inside. The mayor’s office has told us that on Saturdays the churches around the square will allow parking.

Dick requests folks new to his walks to send him their email addresses. (

There are several loose ends that need to be tightened up and communicated from time to time before and after the walk.

2 Responses

  1. Wendy Reynolds – please drop me an email message so I have your email address on file. Past expeerience shows the importance of being able to contact everyone on the walk directly and not via this comment section of the Kelby walk site.

    Dick Dougall

  2. The Mayor of Petersburg telephone me to thank us for this adventure and to tell us we are to use the meeting room at City Hall for our briefing before the walk actually starts. ALSO, we have a reservation for November 29 at 6pm at the Williamson County Library for a reception in honor of the those named by our judge to the Court of Honor. Winners of this will bring their framed images to the reception – and they will be hung in the libary for the full month of December. Then the exhibit will move to Square Market & Grill in Columbus, TN for the month of January. We are waiting to learn if we will exhibit in Petersburg in February.

    Dick Dougall

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