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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 5:00pm - 10:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Forever Marilyn Statue

Where The Walk Will End

Forever Marilyn Statue

About This Walk

Night photography is intimating for a lot of photographers. There is a perception is that with the lack of ambient light, your photos will turn out blurry, noisy, or dark. In reality, within most city centers there is a wealth of photographic opportunities just waiting to be discovered, using available light.

For this photowalk, we’ll have a one-hour online introductory session prior to the photowalk where we’ll review key concepts to doing night photography, basic gear and equipment needed for the photowalk, discuss strategies for shooting different types of images (e.g., reflections, car lights, etc.), and highlight how to compose a scene for an impactful night photo.

We’ll meet at the Forever Marilyn statue on Museum Way directly in front of the Palm Springs Art Museum at 5 PM. Sunset will occur at 8:24 PM that evening so we’ll use the first 60 minutes to acquaint ourselves with potential areas to explore. We’ll then branch off either in small groups or individually depending on what shooting locations interest people the most.

We’ll meet back at the Marilyn statue at 10 PM to debrief and then call it a day.

A Few Updates for Our Palm Springs PhotowalkAugust 10th, 2022

Welcome to Our Palm Springs Night Photography Photowalk!

A variety of updates as we approach the Photowalk on Saturday evening.

1. Meet-Up – 5 PM at the Forever Marilyn statue on Museum Way. I am tall (6’ 5”) with very blond hair and I’ll be wearing shorts with a gray/green shirt.
2. I was originally planning to do an online session if we had a large group. Since it looks like our group is going to be 6/7 photographers, we’ll use that first hour to talk through camera strategies, shooting locations, and the like. There is a Starbucks 1 block away from the Marilyn statue and we’ll move there to get ourselves organized.
3. Desert Heat – keep in mind that it is summer in Palm Springs and the temperature is pretty much going to be 100 degrees that evening. Make sure you have water to keep you hydrated. Likewise, don’t hesitate to grab a refreshment or to take a break in a cool eatery if you need to throughout the evening. Safe is always better than sorry!
4. Parking – while there is lots of free parking in downtown Palm Springs, be careful of spots that have specific time limits, e.g., 2 hours, 4 hours, etc. I don’t know first-hand how closely they monitor these times, but again, safe is always better than sorry!
5. Overall Shooting Strategies – you are free to approach this evening in one of two basic ways: using long-exposure techniques to capture images with blurred lights, or basic street photography. It is going to be Saturday night and I would expect the streets to have lots of traffic, and there to be some interesting crowds on the streets. Just remember, if you want to do long-exposure to bring your tripod.
6. Duration of the Photowalk – the Photowalk is scheduled from 5 PM to 10 PM. We’ll probably meet for that first hour before venturing out to scout shooting locations. You are not required to stay the entire time nor are you required to go home if want to stay longer. It’s YOUR Photowalk!
7. Photo Contest – Everyone that registers and participates in a walk is eligible to enter the Photo Contest. I don’t think they’ve announced the specific rules for entering the contest yet or how people are to submit their entry, but I expect that to come within the next day or so. Everyone will be limited to just one photo taken during the Photowalk.

On a final note, if you have any questions, just let me know.



    Dan Stiel Hi everyone! I had a great time on Saturday night hanging out with you and Marilyn. Follow me on Instagram @DanStiel to see just a couple of photos from our walk! Dan Stiel

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