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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 8:00am - 11:00am

Where We Will Meet

parking lot in front of sign in booth

Where The Walk Will End

same parking lot

About This Walk

Come join us for a walk through the beautiful Orlando Wetlands park to see the birds, wildlife and maybe a alligator or twelve. Located by the town of Christmas off SR-50 about halfway between Orlando and Titusville. The Wetlands are the winter home of many migrating birds, but there are many permanent residents as well.

Throughout the park are several miles of hard-packed sand and grass trails. You can hike in tennis shoes if you’d like, but red ants make wearing flip-flops inadvisable. There are permanent bathrooms and water at the parking, but none available along the trails. You can bring your big lenses and tripods, but remember you have to carry them. Roller bags and wagons don’t do well in the dirt.

Darrell Scattergood leads your walk. He is an Orlando-based travel and entertainment photographer. Throughout his 20+ years as a photographer, he’s photographed and published works both locally and internationally.

Orlando Wetlands WalkAugust 13th, 2022

Hello: I’m looking forward to meeting all of you at 9 am. After our walk, we’ll have a photo critique. If you’d like to bring snacks or drinks, please be aware that there are no stores within walking distance of the Wetlands. There is a Publix as well as some convenience stores on East Colonial/50. I’ll be in a red Ford van with kayaks on the roof. See you soon!

WelcomeAugust 8th, 2022

Thanks for signing up for the orlando wetlands walk. For those of you that have been there, this will mostly be information you already know. For those of you who are new, welcome.
The wetlands are home to many species of birds, a few gators and other critters that are prevalent to this area. Although not prime birding season, there’s still lots to see. I was just there last week, and saw some sand hill cranes, egrets, rosette spoonbills, several types of ducks, vultures, and 6 gators. Don’t worry about the gators, as long as you don’t get too close, they’re content to just hang out and soak up the sun.
Unless it’s really been raining hard in the last day or so, the trails are grass and hard packed sand, so you can wear your walking shoes, or whatever is comfortable. I don’t recommend sandals due to the fire ants in the area. Didn’t have problem with mosquitoes, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring some repellent. Light clothing and a hat would be advisable as well.
Equipment to bring: What ever you have and are comfortable using. (even a phone) I’m mostly a canon person, but I can help with basic equipment operation. Just remember, you have to carry the stuff, so don’t overload yourself. The ground is either grass or sand, so wheels don’t roll very well.
We should be out for a couple of hours, and depending on what we find, will determine the actual mileage. The parking lot is hard packed gravel, so not an issue for parking. There’s water and a bathroom at the entrance, but none while on the trails. If you see a big red van, that’s mine, I’m in the area someplace. We will be meeting in the shelter on the far side from the bathrooms.
After the walk we’ll be meeting again in the shelter, and if people want we can bring some snacks and things. I will be bringing my laptop, projector and screen to show off and review images we’ve shot. There’s a photo contest as part of the worldwide photowalk event if you wish to enter.
If you need to get ahold of me for some reason, I can be reached at, FB messenger under Darrell Whitebear, or txt msg at 425-329-9007

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