Saturday, October 5th, 2019 | 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Memorial Park Steps

Where The Walk Will End

Memorial Park Steps

About This Walk

Hello Everyone! This will be our 4th year of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk! I will be hosting this walk again. The date is Saturday. October 5, 2019, between 3-5 PM.  We will be in late afternoon light the whole time.  Please plan to be at the Memorial Park steps 30 min ahead of the start time, that is, around 2:30 PM. We will introduce ourselves, take a group photo and then go shoot.

Everyone is invited! Whether you are a beginning photographer or an advanced photo-artist, you are all welcome to join. The walk is limited to 50 participants.

There are lots of things to shoot. Memorial Park is right on Dodge St, and there is a walkway across. You could shoot moving cars from there. Across the walkway, there is Elmwood park and UNO campus. if you like to shoot architecture, there is plenty of it there. If you prefer to stay at Memorial Park, you could shoot in the rose garden or the flowering plants. You could also bring a person to shoot there.  It does not have to be a single shot, you can make a make composite.  And there are no restrictions on Photoshop. Use your imagination.

You can bring your tripod and lights if that is how you prefer to shoot.

There are no restrooms in Memorial Park.  Please come prepared accordingly.

Looking forward to seeing you.

-Dhruba Chakravarti, Photowalk Leader. Website: Phone: 402-669-1928


9/24/2019… I received notifications that two photographers have joined our photowalk, but currently, their names are not in the roster. They are Deborah F and JCE. I tried to reach the admins on their behalf, but did not get any response from them.  If you have not removed yourself from the walk, and intend to attend please contact the Photowalk admin.

9/28/2019 … One week left for our Photowalk. Please show up around 2:30 PM. We will have a group photo before we go to shoot.

10/5/2019.. Today is the day. The weather forecast says it should be sunny, 65 degrees and no rain. Looking forward to seeing everybody.

10/14/2019 … Hope you were able to submit your photos without any issues. Looking forward to seeing your photos.  Good luck.

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    Robert Anderson Great to see you again, even if only in a photo. I hope your walk is a huge success!. R. Anderson

      Dhruba Chakravarti Thank you very much, Robert :-)

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