Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Memorial Park Steps

Where The Walk Will End

Memorial Park Steps

About This Walk

A big hello to all Omaha Photographers of all levels.  You are heartily invited to join the Omaha Midtown Photowalk at Memorial Park.  The date is October 6, 2018. The actual photo walk will start at 5 PM and go till 7 PM, that is just around sunset.  But please note that we will gather at the steps at 4:30 PM, and get to know each other, and of course, greet photo walkers from the previous years, and make a group photo to upload on Scott Kelby Photowalk site.

I am Dhruba Chakravarti, your photo walk leader. This will be our third year of Scott Kelby Photowalk in Memorial Park. It is their 11th year.  I am looking forward to meeting everybody and together have a fun photoshoot.  After that, we will go to eat (optional) someplace close by. This we will decide later, based on the number of photo walkers.

Please note that there are no restrooms in the park.  You can park behind the Memorial structure, or on park parking slots on Underwood.

August 28th….  About one month left for this walk. I highly encourage photo walkers to go scope out the memorial park ahead of time, so you can plan what type of pictures you might want to submit. Remember that any kind of picture or video clip is ok, you can even bring a person to pose for you in the park. Looking forward to meeting you all.

September 7th… You are not restricted to the Memorial park for the photowalk. You are allowed to photograph in the “general area”, which is a term used by the sponsors.  This means, you can go places, including the neighborhoods on the north, and the UNO campus across Dodge St. There is also a beautiful church on the west of the park etc.

September 26… So far, we do not have a big group. In that case, we could decide where to go for eating when we get to see each other at the Memorial Park.  Please also note that they make it impossible for me to verify whether your submission has successfully gone through.  I only get to see your photos after they open those up for me.  Can’t wait to see you all 🙂

October 1.. Getting a little concerned about the rain. According to, we should not have any rain on our Photowalk day, partly cloudy it says,  and 58 F high. Hopefully, it will not rain, and the temperature will be a bit more nice 🙂  I asked Photowalk admin what we could do if it rains, and the answer is “postpone until the next day”.  Hopefully we will not need to.

October 5..  It is tomorrow afternoon. Weather should be dry, and 54 F. But please bring a raincoat, just in case. And please note that there are no restrooms nearby. Cannot wait to see you 🙂

October 6… Several people did not make it to the Photowalk. It did not rain, but it was a bit chilly and windy, but some of us braved it. Hope we had good shooting 🙂  I made a composite photo of those who could join us and uploaded it here, as instructed.

October 7… You may have already received the e-mail from them with upload instructions. Apparently, they will make this active tomorrow.  PLease note that I have no way to verify your submission. So, please make sure that you have successfully submitted your best photo. If they have set up like it was last year, you have only one opportunity to upload a photo.  You may not be able to replace your photo with another, or even a re-edited version of the same picture.

October 15…  I hope everybody had no difficulty submitting your photo or video.  I will only get to see your photos when they open them up for me.  I will not take too long to pick the best photo 🙂


October 16… I only see two pictures in the contest.  I have known you for some time, you are all avid photographers.  I suspect that some submissions may not have gone through. If you have submitted a photo, please chat with the Photowalk admin, to make sure that your photo is indeed in the contest.  If you need to get hold of me, send me an e-mail: I will wait for a couple of days before selecting the winner.

    Dhruba Chakravarti Welcome, Nancy Scott

    Dhruba Chakravarti Welcome, Edward Bastedo

    Dhruba Chakravarti Welcome, Neetha Chintala

    Dhruba Chakravarti Welcome, Maria Lapenta

    Dhruba Chakravarti Welcome, Fred Kerr

    Dhruba Chakravarti Welcome, Heather Wollenburg

    Dhruba Chakravarti Welcome, Irv Cobb

    Dhruba Chakravarti Welcome, Ryan Kilmer

    Dhruba Chakravarti Welcome, Paul Evans

    Dhruba Chakravarti Welcome, MoMurc04

    Dhruba Chakravarti Welcome, Avry Murcek

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