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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 5:00am - 8:30am

Where We Will Meet

Parking lot of Perkins Cove.

Where The Walk Will End

All meet at Perkins Cove for a group photo of all Walkers.

About This Walk

I will be leading the free Photo Walk from the parking lot of Perkins Cove starting at 05:00 a.m.. directly to the shores and the Marginal Way of Ogunquit. Hopefully, the majestic sunrise will be at our “rendez-vous” for all of us to capture our best shot at Sunrise on the Little Beaches and along the rock formations of the shores of Ogunquit. I am a Fine Art photographer and I’ve been leading this walk for the past 11 years (not counting 2 years of the pandemic). This Photo Walk on the shores of OGT will be my 12th Photo Walk. Please wear comfortable none slippery shoes since we are close to the ocean and may have to step on some rocks. Be aware. Since this time the Photo Walk will be held in August, then there’s no need for heavy and warm clothing but do bring a rain coat, hat or umbrella in case of rain (hopefully not). I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you and talk shop. After the walk, we will be going for breakfast at the restaurant of my choosing, those of you willing of course, no obligation. Please register early. DSLR’s or iphone (or whatever) cameras are welcome. Prizes will be announced later on so stay tuned and visit the web site often. There will be a winner chosen for the best image of my group which will then go to the World Wide Photo Walk for a chance to become the Photo winner of the World chosen by Scott Kelby and his team of Kelby one who have put together this WWPW. Come shooting and bring a full memory card and battery. The Photo Walk is free but you have to register. Thank you. See you there in Perkins Cove. Do not forget also that the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk is to help an orphanage in Kenya. If you can, you may donate any amount for that cause. Every cent goes to the Orphanage. Thank you for for your donation. See you all at the start of the Photo Walk here in Ogunquit, Maine.

Starting place.August 9th, 2022

It is now official, the Start of the World Wide Photo Walk will be from the small fishing village of Perkins Cove in the parking lot. We all meet at : 05:00 a.m. and will start at 05:15 ending back at this same place for the group photo at around 08:15 near the docks (you’ll see me I’ll be there waiting for you all. Then, if any of you care to, we can go for breakfast at a restaurant I will have chosen and will let you know at that time. No obligation of course. Thank you all and hope this information is adequate. It’s easy to find. See you all there on Saturday the 13th.

Starting place.August 6th, 2022

A new starting place for the Photo Walk is in the works and I will definitely know on or before Monday the 8th. So stay tuned. I am trying to get the hotel that hosted the event before the pandemic as the starting place with available bathroom and free coffee for all. Stay tuned and thank you for your understanding.

    calvin kendall where do park the cars?

    Cindy Roper Hi...I am very interested in your photo mentioned you have made a deal at the Beachmere for question...what are the arrangements you made with the Beachmerre...can my hsuband go the Beachmere with me but not join in on the photo walk...he's not a photographer. Thank you & I look forward to hearing back from you. Cindy Roper

    Cindy Knox How do we arrange with the Beachmere for the deal? Looking forward to this!

    Cindy Roper Concerned haven't heard any response to arrangements that are available at the Bechmere Inn & the walk is less than 2 wks away...I may have to unfortunately rethink this photo walk.

    Cindy Roper good morning..has anyone gotten any feedback on their questions (above)? I don't even know the leader's name to call the Beachemre to see if they can help with any of the specifics. I am not driving 1 1/2 hrs without any further info. So frustrated!

    Cindy Roper called the Beachmere Inn...they have no idea about any rooms available for the walk ( completely booked) and they person I spoke with had no idea about any photo walk.

    deb perry Any updates on this walk? My attendance is pending. Looking for meeting place and parking recommendations. Thank you!

    Kevin Esler I had hope to attend but can't make it after all. Apologies and have fun.

    Ray Casbourn So far only one of you has submitted one of their photos of the Ogunquit Photo Walk. Please do so asap if you want to have a chance to be the winner of my Photo Walk. Thank you.

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