Saturday, October 5th, 2019 | 5:30pm - 8:00pm

Where We Will Meet

At the large pavilion at Sandpoint Park

Where The Walk Will End

On the fishing pier behind Pier 220

About This Walk

As of 9/10/2019 this is just a rough draft of the walk.

We will start out in Sandpoint Park. Here we can walk along the waters edge and get some photos of the wildlife in the area.  As we proceed we will pass by the Titusville Marina, here we can photograph various nautical items.  From here we will walk up and over the Max Brewer bridge where (hopefully) while at the top of the bridge we will be given the opportunity to capture a beautiful sunset.  Some of the group may want to walk down and around to the underside of the bridge to capture the sunset from a low vantage point with the river in the foreground.

if you would like to practice Long Exposure Photography you will need a cable release for your camera and a sturdy tripod.  Depending on the lighting you may also want/need a Neutral Density Filter.  (Look on Amazon for this)

After the walk we can meet at the fishing piers to grab a drink at Pier 220 and share our photos


Must haves for this walk: Bug spray, tripod and at least 1-2 bottles of water.




Join Walk

    Chris Wiley Hey everyone. Looks like there will be a good turnout for this years walk. Thanks for signing up. I just setup a Facebook group page for this walk. If you would like to join the link is below. Also, if anyone has any suggestions as far as the walk goes, I'm all ears.

      Suzanne Rabitaille Thank you Chris! I don’t have a FB account so will you please let me know if there any changes?

        Chris Wiley Sure thing. As of Friday eve we are still good to go!!

    Chris Wiley If anyone wants to hang out after the walk is over we can try and get a shot of the Milky Way let me know here or the Facebook Group page I set up.. The core should be visible starting around 8:45pm until around 11:30pm. Depending on the amount of light pollution we may be able to get a photo of it.

      Per Hansen The Milky Way shots sound amazing. Always too much light pollution near Viera. Any recommendations on equipment other than a tripod? Thanks.

        Chris Wiley A cable release would be VERY helpful for any long exposures we do. If you have an ND (Neutral Density) Filter you may want to bring that. It will help with any shots while the sun is still up. I use a solid 10 stop ND and also have a variable 10 stop. You can pick all of this up on Amazon. Also, some bug spray

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