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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Where We Will Meet

Pay Parking Lot at Wilder St and W Island Ave.

Where The Walk Will End

Either the Aster Cafe or Pivo Riverplace

About This Walk

Hello All,

My name is Dack. I’ve led numerous photowalks in the Twin Cities, I am a member (and former President) of North Metro Photo Club, and a Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Club Photography Judge and I welcome you to this photowalk.

We will meet at a pay lot near Nicollet Island Inn at 4:30 PM – at the intersection of Wilder St and W Island Ave.

We will walk around Nicollet Island, go by the Grain Belt sign and DeLaSalle High School, past a RR bridge, through a park and then onto Main Street before ending at Horseshoe Dam in Water Power Park.

This path will provide opportunities for urban scenes, cityscapes, nature, and street.

Here is a map of our route:

1. Meeting Location- Wilder St and W Island Ave.
2. Nicollet Island Pavilion
3. Grain Belt Sign
4. DeLaSalle High School
5. Nicollet Island Silver Railroad Bridge
6. Nicollet Island Park
7. Merriam Street Bridge
8. Water Power Park
9. Horseshoe Dam – Ending Location

Post walk hangout options:
Aster Cafe or Pivo Riverplace (formerly Wilde Cafe and Spirits

If you have any questions please email or text me:

7 Responses

  1. Hello all,
    Thank you for registering. So far we are eight strong so that’s enough for a party.
    Looks like temps will be in the low 50s with cloudy skies – that just means nice even light and an opportunity for cool long exposures to capture moving clouds so bring a tripod and ND filter if you want to give that a try.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone.

  2. Hello All,

    Thank you for turning out for the photo walk. It was great night of photography and comradery. Here are the rules for the photo contest:
    In order for all walkers to have the same opportunities to capture images during the walk, the following rules must be followed:

    You may only submit one photo
    Collages aren’t allowed, as they are technically more than one photo. But, the following editing is allowed (but not required):
    Contrast & saturation adjustments.
    Color to B&W transitions.
    Removal of distracting elements.
    Creation of HDR & Panoramas.
    Use of Plug-ins such as ON1, Boris FX, etc.
    Adding watermarks.
    Photos must be taken during the walk (not before or after)

    The contest is optional.

    If you would like to share one or a bunch of photos from the walk you can upload them to my site here:

    This site will let everyone see all the photos that you upload.

    Thanks again for participating in the walk.
    ANd if you are not currently a member of North Metro Photo Club you are welcome to join. Details can be found at:

    Take care,

  3. Thanks Dack for organizing the walk. It was a good time and fun meeting members from other clubs.

  4. Regarding the Kelby contest. If you did not register prior to the event I heard back from the event organizers that there is no way to register someone now that the walk is over. Here’s the message I received:

    Hi Dack, thank you for participating in this years World Wide Photo Walk! Unfortunately, the ONLY way to enter an image into the event photo contest is to register for a walk on our website BEFORE the walk date – and then once the walk is over you can submit your best photo. There is NO WAY to register for a walk after the past event date or submit an image to the photo contest. Sorry!

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