We will be meeting at the gate to the Old State Capitol building at 9:15 am and proceed inside the building to photograph on the first and second floors. We will then go to the Farmer’s Market located a block west of the Old State Capitol and photograph the market as well as some of the other things of interest around that area.

We will walk to the Illinois State Capital Building where we will be photographing both outside and inside the building. Then walk to Cafe Moxo where our photowalk will end at 11:45am. If you need to arrive late or leave early, please send me a message so that I can make arrangements for you to meet up with the group.

We will be entering the Illinois State Capital building through the visitor’s doors on the east side of the building. For security reasons, you will be required to show a current form of facial identification such as a current driver’s license or valid State of Illinois ID card. You will not be allowed to enter the building if you are unable to provide satisfactory identification. Voter’s cards or any other form of identification that does not have a facial picture of you will not be accepted.

Also, please be aware that all bags, including camera bags, etc., will be scanned and/or searched and you will be required to walk through a scanner as well. I recommend that you not bring anything that might set off the alarm either in your camera bag or on yourself.

We will be ending our photowalk at 11:45am at Cafe Moxo, but you are welcome to join us for lunch and a time of getting to know each other better and share our love of photography and/or photos.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I hope to see you there!



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  1. Well you know just for the heck of it I just said I was going to try to enter one of my pictures. But it’d be nice if you had some place you could add your picture to the contest. Because if you go to the contest prizes you just keep going in a circle login?

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