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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 10:00am - 12:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Image City Photography Gallery

Where The Walk Will End


About This Walk

We will start at Image City Photography Gallery.  Then walk up University Ave. to Goodman Street, and turn right.  Take some time to explore the Memorial Part Gallery grounds.  Continue on Goodman till Anderson Ave.  Turn right.  While walking on this street, take advantage of shooting in Villager Gate.  Continue on Anderson.  Watch for interesting sights on the side streets (Carlton St., Delaware St., Falmouth St.).  Continue on Anderson Street till it runs into Atlantic Ave.  Turn right.  Walk down Atlantic Ave.  Watch for side streets (Elton St., Russell St.).  While on Atlantic check out Merman Park Playground, Writers and books.  End back at Image City Photography Gallery at noon.  Based on the amount of people on the walk, I will try to find someplace to meet and talk after the walk.

    Dick Beery Sorry but now I have to work that day so I will not be able to do the walk.

    John Zimmerman John Z. plans to see you on Sat.

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