CREW Bird Rookery Swamp Trail

While I have biked the entire 12 mile trail once, I generally walk only a little more than the 1/2 mile boardwalk which has just been rebuilt. The first quarter mile is gravel and then dirt after the newly rebuilt boardwalk. August 5, 2022 was my first time to go out there since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. I would like to leave the parking lot soon after 8:00 am and walk a comfortable pace for about 0.7 miles with the sun blindingly in our face. Walking further will be optional as I sometimes walk to the point where the trail turns north (about 1 mile from parking lot per a sign two years ago). At that point, I will turn around and begin taking pictures. Every step will offer thousands of new picture opportunities. I am still processing pictures from August 5. There were no mosquitoes on August 5, but I do wear a broad brimmed hat but because of the sun and to help keep insects away from my face. Also, I did encounter some water, so wear footwear that can get muddy and wet.

There is a ports-john in the parking lot. Otherwise, no facilities or drinking water on trail. Because of the alligators, do NOT bring your pet. There is parking for about 20 vehicles. Suggested donation for the organization that maintains the trail is $3.

I went outside this morning and was greeted by a large hawk on the roof of the house across the street (I live 5.5 miles from CREW Bird Rookery Swamp) and rushed back inside for my camera. The hawk was gone when I returned, but since the Dew Point was 77, my lens instantly fogged from water condensing on the lens. Therefore, I suggest arriving with you camera somewhat heat soaked so that it is warmer than the Dew Point. I will leave my camera in the garage so that it will be about 85 degrees when I arrive and condensation should not be a problem.

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