Let’s meet at Sunset Park, the corner of 4th and Alexander beside the historic train depot that is the Chamber of Commerce.  There is a parking lot nearby, and street parking – but it’s Mount Dora, so plan a few extra minutes if you might need to find parking.   We will walk around downtown Mount Dora, down Donnelley, then over to Elizabeth Evans Park.  From there, many people think the most iconic symbol of Mount Dora is the lighthouse – so we can approach that before heading back to the starting point.   Sunset that night is 8:07, so be prepared if that’s something important to you.

Please wear comfortable shoes, carry water or Gatorade for hydration and check the weather in case you need an umbrella.   Be sure your batteries are charged, and your SD or flash cards are empty! Cell phones are welcome!

About your Walk Leader: Byron Faudie has been a photographer for many years.  He specializes in sports and event photography, but doesn’t shy away from many projects – except notably those little baby kids pictures they wrap them up like a burrito and have the props.     His photos have been published on the cover of Funeral Business Advisor magazine.  Byron has participated in and led Photo Walks throughout Central Florida and is also known for his class, “Phoneography – how to use the phone you have to be the camera you want.”

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  1. Hey, This is your walk leader Byron! How exciting is it that the walk is less than a week away! We already have 18 people on the roster. (Including someone so excited to join, she’s on there twice! – no worries of course). For anyone not familiar, a photo walk is simply a social gather of photographers that meet and explore together. It’s usually a very collaborative environment with participants at all levels of photography.

    What questions do you have before the walk? Leave a comment – the entire group can see and contribute to the discussion.

  2. Thank you for a great walk. It was fun and I’m looking forward to next year.

    Kathy O’Brien

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