Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 3:00pm - 7:30pm

Where We Will Meet

Spooner's Ranch House Visitors Center

Where The Walk Will End

Spooner's Ranch House Visitors Center or Pizza in town - TBD

About This Walk

Welcome to the 11th Annual World Wide Photo Walk!  Our walk will be in Montana De Oro (Mountain of Gold) State Park along the coastline trails offering breathtaking views, a stunning shoreline, sandy beaches and rugged cliffs. We’ll also likely see rabbits and a variety of birds. The trail and walk is up on the bluff above the beach and offers several spots to go down to the beach along the trail. There is a great Blow Hole along the Bluff Trail. Low tide on the 6th is at 2:43pm and high tide of 5.69 feet is at 8:40pm, so we should get some nice action from the Blow Hole in the late afternoon (it needs a pretty high tide).
We’ll meet in front of the Visitors Center (photo shown) at 3:00pm do some introductions, make sure everyone has had time to get there and set out on our walk by 3:30 at the latest. The visitor center is located at Spooner’s Ranch House Museum above Spooner’s Cove Beach which is the popular beach for sunbathers. We’ll try to do a group photo prior to setting out on our walk.

Bluff Trail is a level coastal trail which is an easy walk that can be done on foot, by bike and is even wheelchair accessible so you don’t need to worry about any inclines or special footwear. The trail is about 2 miles long one way with a host of side trails that allow for outings between one and five miles. A hike of around three miles round trip with 90 feet of elevation change is the perfect way to see all the tide pools, beaches, rock islands, and natural bridges, along the superb coastline of the park, hitting highlights like Corallina Cove, Quarry Cove, and Grotto Rock.

On most of our World Wide Photo Walks we’ve ended the walk at a restaurant to talk about our walk, eat and socialize. Since there are no facilities in the park one thing we may consider doing is bringing some snacks and drinks that can be left in the car and meeting up at our starting point at the visitors center and have a picnic. If everyone can bring a little something to share that would be great. I’ll bring an ice chest with some cheese, crackers and some drinks. If it’s too dark/cold we can all meet up after for Pizza on Los Osos Valley Road. I’ll keep an eye on the weather forecast as we get closer to the date.
I’ve planned the walk in the late afternoon so we can enjoy and shoot both day shots and the sunset over the bluffs and ocean. We’ll have to play it by ear, sometimes the sunsets at Montana de Oro are spectacular, sometimes they are fogged in. Sunset on the 6th is at 6:39pm.

The hours I’ve posted for the walk may not necessarily be when we end depending on weather, however I wanted to post the time late enough to be able to include day and night shots to be eligible in the competition.  If we don’t get much we’ll be done by then, if we get some amazing color we may stay a bit longer.  It will be up to you.  🙂  The park closes at 10pm.

Layered clothing is highly recommended, the weather can change from one minute to the next
Bring some water and food in advance since there are no services within the state park and please….. pack out what you pack in! Leave no trace behind.
Always stay on designated trails
Dogs are not allowed on the trails or beaches, expect for Spooner’s Cove beach
Poison oak grows throughout the park so please be aware of where you are walking

For those of you who don’t know me, visit me at or look me up on LinkedIn Vivian Krug Cotton.
I look forward to seeing you all on October 6th for the 11th Annual World Wide Photo Walk!
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

From Downtown San Luis Obispo, there are two routes to get to Montaña de Oro – hopping on Highway 1 or cruising on Los Osos Valley Road, which is the fastest route. Directions below.
Head northwest on Morro Street toward Monterey Street.
Turn left at the 3rd cross street onto Mill Street.
Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Chorro Street.
Turn left onto Foothill Boulevard.
Turn right onto Los Osos Valley Road and continue for about 7 miles.
Take a slight left to stay on Los Osos Valley Road.
Continue onto Pecho Valley Road to your destination.
There is free parking along the road.

Walk Winners Announced!!!November 2nd, 2018

The Walk Winners for the 11th Annual World Wide Photo Walk have been announced. (link below)

Thank you again for participating. Although our entry didn’t win, it sure was a lot of fun participating with the world! Take a look at the winners they are great! Kelby also describes how he chooses the winners and runners up.
I hope to see you all again for next year’s walk. I’ve been scouting out some spots and will get in touch with those of you who have sent me your email addresses, as Kelby does take this site/page down so it won’t be available for any updates. I’ll be running by some ideas that will include spots a little bit north and south of where we were this year, places where we will have more opportunity to ‘shoot’ people and a couple spots that would require we pay to get in. I’d like to get your feedback on that.

For now, here are the winners and my email address is below for anyone who would like to contact me.

Announcing The Winners From My 11th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk


Another Announcement! Mobile phone photo Winner!November 1st, 2018

Announcing the Mobile Category Winner from my Worldwide Photo Walk 2018

Video Winners!November 1st, 2018

They just announced the Video Winners. Check it out! Some fun ones in there.

The Video Category Winner For This Year’s Worldwide Photo Walk Is…

I’ll let you know as soon as other winners are announced.


View All Walk Winners!! Page Is Up!October 26th, 2018

Winners have not yet been announced, however Kelby just posted the page featuring every Local Walk Winner. There are some amazing photos. Take a look!

Walk Winners

You may need to copy and paste into your browser.

I do believe this will also be the page when winners are announced.



Our Local Walk Winner!October 24th, 2018

Hello Walkers. Let me once again thank you for participating in this year’s walk.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to look through all our wonderful photos on our Flickr Page. And if you haven’t posted any of your shots yet, please do! Much of the fun of these group walks is seeing what others saw through their lens.

So, choosing the winner is never easy. All the images submitted were wonderful, but I narrowed it down to two images and then sat on it for a day and then slept on it before making my choice.

This year’s winner for our local walk is Gerald Dallons. Congratulations Gerald, your image was submitted into the International Kelby Competition. Winners will be announced the week of the 29th.

I’m not sure if you all have a ‘submission’ tab on your Kelby page. They have been experiencing some technical difficulties with the pages. If not you can see Gerald’s sunset photo visit our Flickr page.

Thanks again everyone. Keep and eye out for the announcement of the global winners and if you are on FB take a look at the Kelby WWPW page at

Best, Vivian

Today is the day!!October 15th, 2018

Hello Walkers! First, I hope you are all enjoying the photos on our Flickr page. I know I am!

2nd, Today is the day! Below is the final schedule for this year’s competition! If you’ haven’t yet uploaded your favorite shot, do it today!

Monday, 10/15 – Walker/Leader Photo and Video Contests Submissions end at 11:59 pm EDT. Monday, 10/15 – Beginning at midnight EDT leaders can begin selecting an individual walk winner by clicking on YOUR WALK page and then clicking on the SUBMISSIONS tab.
Wednesday, 10/17 – Individual Walk Winning Photos Selected by Leader and Submitted via a Form on by midnight.
The week of 10/29 – Grand Prize, ten Finalists, Leader Contest, Mobile Photography, and video contest will be announced
Contest Prizes subject to change without notice. All dates and times are EDT.

Get those photos and videos posted!October 13th, 2018

Hi everyone. Just a reminder to get your favorite photo from our walk posted on your WW Walk page. Click on the ‘Contest’ tab and upload your best shot. Monday night is our deadline. Tuesday I’ll choose what I think was the best shot and enter it into the International Competition.

If you haven’t yet looked or posted please also share your images with your fellow walkers on our Flickr page. Sharing the WW Walk experience is part of what makes this such a great event. The link to view and share is


The Clock is Ticking, Time to Enter!October 11th, 2018

Hi everyone. If you haven’t yet, make sure you enter your favorite photo before Monday to be considered in the contest. Go to your Worldwide Photowalk page, click on the ‘contest’ tab and enter your photo and/or video.

Also, don’t forget we have a group Flickr page to share our photos from the walk. It’s awesome to see what you each saw through your lens at Montana De Oro. Check it out and let’s see what you captured! If you aren’t yet a Flickr member it’s easy to sign up and it’s free.


The contest begins!October 8th, 2018

Hi everyone. If you log onto your walk page there is now a ‘Contest’ tab. Click on the tab and enter your favorite photo, video and or cell photo.

Also, don’t forget we have our Flickr page where you can upload as many photos as you like to share your walk experience. That page is separate from uploading your contest photo. The Flickr page link is in the update below.
If you are on Facebook, you may also want to ‘like’ the Worldwide Walk page. It’s quite interesting to look at the posts. You can view the page at
More updates soon!

Thank you!October 7th, 2018

What a fun afternoon and evening despite starting off in a blanket of fog!
Luckily the fog lifted and we had an nice walk down in Spooner’s Cove and then along the bluff trail. At high tide the blow hole did not disappoint us.
I very much enjoyed meeting so many new Photogs today and our final destination, Pizza, was great fun.
For those who were interested, several of us will meetup tomorrow to try to photograph the rocket launch. There is a set of stairs a little north of Margo Dodd Park in Pismo Beach. From the gazebo at Margo Dodd Park it is about a two minute walk. If it is low tide some of us will be on the beach at the bottom of the stairs. If it’s high tide, up along the pathway will work too.
I’d also appreciate if you all could email me at so I can get your email address. Some of you were interested in joining our monthly meetup group, some our ‘online’ photo club and some want to be notified of next year’s walk. So, email me, drop me a line and we’ll be in touch. In a few days as I mentioned, I’ll also send out the list of where our past walks have been and maybe we can brainstorm for a good location for next year’s walk.
And, keep an eye on your email and don’t forget to follow the instructions for submitting your best shot for this year’s competition.
Here is a link to a shared Flickr Group Page for our walk. Feel free to upload as many photos as you wish to share. It will be fun for all of us to see each others shots from today.

And lastly. Below is a link to our Facebook ‘online’ photo club. If you are interested come join us. It’s an international group, we have a theme that changes weekly. The rules are one photo per day and they must be based on the theme. The rules are in the right margin.

So that’s it for tonight. Time to download photos! Thanks again for all who came out. I hope you enjoyed it.

More updates to follow soon.


See You Tomorrow!!October 5th, 2018

Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you a final update for tomorrow.

Most everything remains the same. The tides will be on the high side during our walk, so we may not have a chance for many tide pools, however the Blow Hole and waves will be great! It will be on the cool side, so bring a jacket or wear layers! The rocket launch has been postponed until Sunday night, so you may want to mark your own calendars for that one. Make sure your camera batteries a charged, bring extra memory cards, tripod and lenses! Don’t forget as well as the photo competition, there is also a video competition and this year a mobile device contest too, all with lots of great prizes!

Tomorrow we’ll take a group shot before we get going. As we begin you may stay in a group, break into groups or explore on your own and meetup after dark and of course for Pizza – please keep in mind, separate checks – we’ve chosen an affordable spot. There are lots of opportunities for great shots tomorrow, waves, rocks, a view of Morro Rock, some wildlife if we are lucky, birds, plants, pano shots, long exposures, you name it. We are one of 932 walks around the globe and 17,236 (that number will likely be higher by tomorrow) Photogs that will be participating tomorrow. I look forward to seeing those of you who I know and those new friends I haven’t met yet!

Below you will find all the weather and tide info as well as the dates you need to keep in mind to submit your best shot after the walk!

Tide, Weather and other info below.
Tide Chart October 6th
Sunset 6:42pm
2:43 PM 1.37 feet LOW
8:40 PM 5.69 HIGH
Weather Reading
High 66 Low 54
Precip 10%
Winds NNW 19pmh

Dates for submission!
Monday,10/8 – Walker/Leader Photo and Video Contests Open for Submissions
Monday,10/15 – Walker/Leader Photo and Video Contests Submission Deadline
Wednesday, 10/17 – Individual Walk Winning Photos Selected by Leader and Submitted via a Form on
The week of 10/29 – Grand Prize, ten Finalists, Leader Contest, Mobile Photography, and video contest will be announced.”

See you tomorrow!

More News!October 3rd, 2018

Not only may we see the first stage of the Falcon 9 returning to Vandenberg AFB during our Walk, but if you are a ‘birder’, October 6th is also the Cornell Lab’s ebird Global Big Day! We should see lots of sea birds on our walk and if you are so inclined you can report your observations to them. You can sign up for free at their website

After you are signed up you can submit your observations on October 6th at

Rocket Launch During our Walk!October 2nd, 2018

If we are lucky and weather conditions right, we may see and hear this!

Team Vandenberg is scheduled to support launch of the SAOCOM 1A satellite on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Space Launch Complex-4E on Saturday, Oct. 6, at 7:21 p.m. PDT.

SpaceX is attempting the secondary mission of landing the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket at Landing Zone 4, which was previously called SLC-4W, at Vandenberg Air Force Base. This will be SpaceX’s first land landing attempt at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Local residents may see the first stage of the Falcon 9 returning to Vandenberg AFB, including multiple engine burns associated with the landing. During the landing attempt, residents from Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo counties may hear one or more sonic booms. A sonic boom is the sound associated with the shock waves from an aircraft or vehicle traveling faster than the speed of sound. Sonic booms generate a sound similar to an explosion or a clap of thunder. The sonic boom experienced will depend on weather conditions and other factors.

Hello WW Walkers!October 1st, 2018

Well it’s almost here and I’m getting excited to see you all on Saturday.
I’ve checked the weather and we’re looking good! Mostly sunny, 69/53, sunset is at 6:40pm and it shows 10% precip. A few clouds would be nice for our sunset. The wind shows from 10 to 18, so a slight breeze. You may want to bring a jacket or wear layers.

I’ve heard from a few of you that you prefer to meetup after our walk ends for Pizza in town. There is a Round Table Pizza at 1050 Los Osos Valley Road. I’ve never been there, but it should be ok.

Right now we have 16 in our group. Please let me know if you have any questions and if I have any other updates, I’ll let you know. See you on Saturday!!

  • Erick Wand Did the walk time change or just a typo on the event headline which now reads: "Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 7:00pm - 11:30pm" I'm still planning on meeting up at 3:00 p.m. in front of the Visitors Center.

  • Vivian Krug Glad you found us. I have no idea where that time came from!

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