Hi! I’m Melynda.

Welcome to the Urban, Nature and Street Art walk page. I am mostly a street photographer and have traveled to every continent except Antarctica (its on the bucket list). I have had the privilege to lead photo walks in several cities. It is exciting to be gathering again for the Worldwide Photowalk and I am looking forward to meeting you!

We will do a combination of a nature walk through part of the Centennial Arboretum and finish up in Black Cat Alley for some urban art shots. You will encounter nature, people, motorcycles, graffiti and oddities all along the way.  Whatever your favorite subject, there will be something for you to shoot!

All types of cameras work for this walk so bring your phone, point n shoot, or dust off that old film camera… I will be walking with my trusty Sony mirrorless.  Also, comfortable shoes, sunscreen and bug spray are highly recommended. I find a water bottle in a sling of some sort comes in handy. You won’t want to carry too much equipment as we will keep moving most of the time and bags can get heavy. (I know, you spent all that money on gear right???)

Afterwards, join us for for lunch, liquid refreshment to chimp a bit and share stories! Bring your cards with website information if you’d like to share your portfolio with us so we can enjoy more of your work after we all become friends! See you August 13th!

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  1. HI Carole,
    Yes. You are registered, so just be at the start address and we will walk together from there!

  2. Hi Melinda, it was very nice to meet you. Thanks for the walk and photo instructions. I really appreciate it. Great area to walk in. I will return to that area. I don’t see a tab were can enter our photo for the contest. Please let me know if I am missing something. Thanks, Dimitri kazpac@me.com

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