Saturday, October 5th, 2019 | 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Lobby of the CitizenM Bowery

Where The Walk Will End

CloudM Rooftop Bar at the CitizenM Bowery

About This Walk

The Lower East Side,  Little Italy and Chinatown are more than just tourist destinations. They are real neighborhoods which retain their rich histories,  living reminders of just one component of what make New York City arguably the greatest city on earth.

We like the area so much that it is in fact part of our upcoming Streets of New York street photography workshop. Claudia and I are thrilled once again to give back to the photography community this year by leading this walk (last year we did one up on the High Line).

A little bit about us: we are the husband and wife team behind Three Blind Men & An Elephant Productions (  I was born and raised in Brooklyn until the age of 6, returning to live in New York City (this time Greenwich Village) after graduate school. Claudia is originally from Zurich, Switzerland, but has come to love New York as well.

You may know us through social media. In addition to our commercial and personal work, our YouTube channel has over 50,000 subscribers and together we have 5,000+ Instagram followers (@hughbrownstone and @sophieparker39). It is our joy and privilege to interact with such a wonderfully supportive, knowledgeable and generous on-line community.

We are excited to have you join us!

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    francisco r bombino Hello; I am flying from Puerto Rico just for the walk since follow Mr. Brownstone in YouTube and like his videos. If Mr. Brownstown read this I plan to stay at the same hotel where the group is meeting. Is that a good hotel? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you

    Hugh Brownstone We love the CitizenM Bowery - it’s a pod style hotel, relatively affordable, and blocks from all three neighborhoods. Delighted to have you join us!

    Jamie Friar Hi Hugh, Love your work and I’m looking forward to the walk. I’m a New Yorker who’s lived in the DC area for the last 35 years. In terms of gear, the older I get the less I want to lug around. I’m thinking of the RX10iv and maybe the a6400 with the 35 1.8 for lowlight. Thanks! Jamie

      Hugh Brownstone Great combo! If you want to travel light, what about just the 6 series with the 35/1.4?

    Michelle Gross Will not be able to attend the photo walk Please take me off the list so another can go in my place. Thank You, Michelle Gross

      Hugh Brownstone Thanks, Michelle

      Hugh Brownstone Michelle, looks like I can’t do this. You’ll have to do that yourself. Thanks!

    Jamie Friar Hi Hugh, Unfortunately we have a schedule change and I won’t be able to make it to NYC for the walk. Maybe next time. Jamie

      Hugh Brownstone All good, Jaime. If you would, please remove your name from the roster, as there is a significant waiting list at this point. Thanks!

    Hugh Brownstone So excited to meet everyone tomorrow! Weather should be great! We’ve picked out an easy 2.5 mile loop - but hold that thought. Claudia and I will see you soon! Oh - one other thing: there is a HUGE waiting list, so if you can’t make it please remove your name so someone else can join in. Thanks!

    Hugh Brownstone Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow - weather should be great!

    Frank Almonte Unfortunately I can’t make it tomorrow, so I’ll be removing myself from the list. Hopefully whoever takes my spot has as much fun as I did last year!

      Hugh Brownstone You'll be missed, Frank - but thanks for updating the list!

    Hugh Brownstone See you all soon!

    Hugh Brownstone What a lovely day yesterday! Thanks to all who made it - and sorry we missed a few of you! For those of you who were there: if you’d like, please send up to three of your favorite images, making sure to include you first and last names in the file name so that we can properly attribute you! Send to!

    Hugh Brownstone Also: for those of you who didn’t know us before yesterday, you can find us on YouTube (just search for Three Blind Men and An Elephant Productions) and on Instagram (@hughbrownstone and @sophieparker39 - that’s Claudia’s nom de social media). :)

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