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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Gazebo across from Cobbs Landing

Where The Walk Will End

Cobbs Landing

About This Walk

Downtown Fort Pierce has evolved so much since the last PhotoWalk we hosted here. New marinas, new restaurants, new Art in Public Places.

We will start and finish in the same place. At our walks photographers often break up into small groups. If you are a novice and would like to be paired with some with more experience that could make for an excellent experience.

At this time of the day on a Saturday you will have that warm afternoon glow around a downtown area starting to come alive for their Saturday night out offering plenty of photo opportunities.

While there are plenty of prizes available through the home office at KelbyOne, we will provide the photographer of the chosen best image of the walk with a special PhotoWalk tumbler with the winning image on it.

Join Walk

Signed Up and CountedAugust 29th, 2023

Hey all, Let me greet you as the first photographers to sign up for the upcoming Photowalk.
Discussions and picture sharing leading up to the walk will also happen on the event page on Facebook. Check it out and click that you are attending so your circle of friends will be aware also.

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