<img src=”https://mindfulart.slickpic.site/nature/photo/785065/18265265/dsc5951-enhanced-edit-2″ alt=”Taken at Lyndeshores” />
We will start at the main parking lot off Victoria(only for permit holders, the overflow is on Halls Road, 1st street west of permit lot. Many will know of Lyndeshores. for new folks, there is always opportunity for bird photography, not necessarily exotic but I have photographed hawks, gulls, geese, swans, wild turkey, cow bird, redwing blackbirds, grackles. If early enough, white tailed dear are in the front area of Lyndeshores.
We will start with the bird loop.That can eaily take an hour to create quality photos. For those looking for field wild flowers, the trail to the left takes you to an open space where many wildflowers, maybe butterflies are available. We will convene at Eggsmart after for sharing pictures and good chat.
If it has rained recetly, wear boots. Some parts of the trail can stay wet for a time. Most of this walk will be wheel chair compatible.

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