Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Triangle Park

Where The Walk Will End

Rudy Duck Grill, 131 Cheapside, Lexington.

About This Walk

Oct 16: I need confirmation of your submissions!!!!

there are only 4 pics available for me to view.

i was told by Brenda, Ron, Debbie, Mary, Marty.


Please take a screen shot of the submission page which shows your pic and send to me. I’ll then send proofs of submissions to Kelby and have them find the missing photo before a decision is made. Please do this today.



Oct 15 update

theres been some discussion on the Kelby photo walk fb page of a number of people who tried to upload yesterday and they said the deadline was met. However, the site says the deadline is today at midnight. If you have difficulty today contact the Kelby people right away.


Ive heard from Marty, Debbie and Brenda that they’ve uploaded successfully. Let me know your status. Text me 8593001434



Oct 13th, NOTE:

Well, I did it! I’ve made my photo walk submissions. It’s now a done deal. Here are some insights that may help you if you’ve not uploaded yet.

First, Files can be no larger than 5 MB. If they are, you file WILL NOT UPLOAD. But you may think that it did. Here’s how you can know. If you file was successfully uploaded, the photo will appear. If you don’t see your photo, check the size and resubmit.

Also, if you’re submitting to the Mobile and/or Video categories, you’ll need to access the “Enter Contest Here” button that you’ll find after tapping on “Prizes” from the main page and scrolling down a bit.


Again, double check the entry page. If it’s not showing your entry, it has not been submitted.


Deadline for submissions is  Monday the 15th.


Oct 1: UPDATE, Please note change of venue

I was at the Horse Park yesterday and there is major construction going on and they have already begun to set up for Southern Lights so various lighting displays are resting all over the park. In addition, there won’t be many people there during that time which will limit photo opps.

We’ll Meetup at the Rudy Duck Grill (formerly Cheapside Grill) in their Oasis (upstairs patio) Yipee! That should be a fun venue to talk about the walk, share some shots and relax after the walk.

Saturday’s weather is showing sunny for Saturday so we should be good there.

NEW LOCATION FOR PHOTO WALK is DOWNTOWN LEXINGTON meeting up at Triangle Park. (gather close to the water fountain pictured in the attach photo) Please send me a text (859 300 1434) that you have read this and understand the change of venue. If you have any additional questions please send me an email at or text at 859 300 1434.

See you Saturday. We’ll have lots more photo opportunities at this location. People, architecture, car streaks, sunset, blue hour. golden hour. So come prepared to have a great time and enjoy the walk around downtown Lexington.


Sept 21 Note 1: The photo walk is just 2 weeks away. I just wanted to give you a heads up that there is a facebook page “Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk.” Feel free to scroll through that page. I n noticed several walk-related-tutorials that you may find interesting. One was on shooting people on your walk and another of how to shoot cities. There may be more but those are the ones I saw.

I suggest you visit the Ky Horse Park prior to the event to see the area and where/what you may want to shoot while there on Oct 6th. Only photos taken on Oct 6th, however, are eligible for entry into the contest.


Sept 21-Note2: This year there will be NO youth division as in years past. Instead, there will be a mobile division. So if you, or someone you know, shoots just with a Smartphone, there’s a competition for you. And for what it’s worth, there could possibly be LESS competition in that division. Also, there’s a video division. All separate competitions. All with their own set of prizes.


My contact in fo: Debbie Howard,, 859-300-1434 for texting or find me on facebook at Debbie Howard, the icon is a head shot of me with a straw hat on.


One last note, Several have asked if it’s okay for them to go off on their own so they don’t get the same pics as everyone else. You’re welcome to do that! There’s no way to cover all the park in the time we’ll be there on foot, therefore, feel free to drive to the various areas as well. It’s always fun, in my opinion, going down the rows of barns. We found lots of interesting people like a guy shoeing horses, riders, owners, dogs…some unique shots to be had.

Well, I thought it was the last note but just this one more. Please, everyone send me an email, text or IM on facebook with a way to contact you. I don’t want to be doing that the day of the walk. Thanks, Hope you dreaming up that perfect shot!


This is going to be an exciting photowalk at the Ky Horse Park. You’ll be free to  drive and/or walk the park. If you haven’t been there before, I’ll have maps and suggestions for you prior to the walk. Two years ago one of the top ten photos which won was taken from the Ky Horse Park. The prizes are always substantial. The park offers lots of photo ops as well.

TODAY’S THE DAYOctober 6th, 2018

Good morning walkers. Today’s the day. 6pm at Triangle Park downtown.

Check your batteries, sd cards, make sure your mobile phone is charged.

You can enter 1 photo in each of three different categories. The regular photo category, the mobile and the video. Each will have their own winner on the International level judged by Scott Kelby. The regular category will be judged on a local level and the local winner advances to the International level. All photos submissions must be taken today during the walk.

There will be lots of opportunities today. Street photography, landscapes, cityscapes, golden hour, sunset, blue hour, car streaks, long exposures, and a bit of night photography. So come prepared to “take your best shots.”

Don’t forget your tripod if you plan on doing long exposures.

I suggest you get there a bit early to insure you find a parking space. I was downtown on Wednesday, the paid parking was $7 for 3 hours. It took a few minutes but I found off street parking at a meter. Much better in my opinion, than paying $7.

Text me if you have any questions. 859-300-1434.

If for some reason, you can’t make it, please return to the page and cancel your walk.

I will set up a facebook page for you to share any photos you’d like from the walk. Please note, this will not be for competition purposes but just a place to share your captures and experience from the walk.

Make sure you’ve seen the updateOctober 2nd, 2018

Go to venue has changed.

    PhotoSafari Super excited for this walk! I will already be at the park for the Thoroughbred Makeover so let me know where we are meeting and I will be happy to meet up with folks for a bit before I have to get back to my party and help them with the horses.

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