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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 9:45am - 11:30am

Where We Will Meet

Menards Parking Lot or Jurustic Park

Where The Walk Will End

Culver's of Marshfield

About This Walk

“Oh my gosh, Are you so desperate for something to photo that you would recommend others to photo a junk place?”, this was the response I received from Clyde Wynia, artist and founder of Juristic Park in Marshfield, WI. My enthusiastic response was ABSOLUTELY! According to the Jurustic Park website, Clyde, is an amateur  paleontologist who has excavated and recreated many of the now extinct creatures that who once inhabited the large McMillan Marsh during the Iron Age.

According to the website, most of these marsh creatures were ferrous metal, usually mild steel, but sometimes included more exotic metals . The critters died out when farming an industry moved into the area in the mid nineteenth-century. Clyde had used his talents to locate some of these fossils, and through his artistic talents has managed to create replicas of these once majestic creatures. If we are lucky, Clyde himself will narrate the tour and provide us some insight into the stories behind his creations. (Be aware that some of these informational tidbits can be rated TV-Mature.)

Also on site is the Hobbit House, which is where Nancy, Clyde’s wife works her artistic magic. In the studio and workshop, you will find giggle critters, jewelry, and even some non jewelry items available for sale. Nancy is also a very talented artists, and if you have not been to Jurustic Park before, you will not want to miss seeing the Hobbit House. Please be aware that many first time visitors don’t walk away empty handed. Many visitors purchase a piece of Jurustic art for their home or garden.

Jurustic Park is suitable for all. As a matter of fact, my last visit was to create a video showing the Marshfield area to fourth grade class. After viewing my video, the teacher responded with a comment that it may have been the best response to a student she had ever received. I give most of the credit to Clyde for his wonderful descriptions of his creations.

So come join the fun on August 13! Jurustic Park is located at 112021 Old Sugar Bush Lane, Marshfield, WI. Meet us at 10:00am there, or meet in the West side of the Menards parking lot, near Aldi’s at 9:30am, and then travel together into the wilderness of McMillan Marsh. At the end of the walk, we will meet at Culver’s in Marshfield to discuss and share impressions of the day.

PhotosAugust 13th, 2022

Remember to check the contest deadlines to enter the contest. Also remember that I would like to give Clyde some photos for his own personal use. You can transfer them to me with Dropbox Transfer, or We Transfer. Send them to me at

Thanks to everyone for coming today. I think Clyde was pleased with the turn, I know I was. I also look forward to keeping in touch, and most likely joining the club.

    Donald Patterson Does anyone need to meet at the parking lot by Menards on Saturday, or are you comfortable finding Jurustic Park on your own? My wife or myself would be glad to show you the way from Menards if you like.

    Kelly Drevlow I am planning on going straight to JP.

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