Saturday, October 5th, 2019 | 9:00am - 4:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Outside the Co-op Inveraray

Where The Walk Will End

The Inveraray Inn

About This Walk

I am delighted to be hosting the Worldwide Photo Walk here in Inveraray for the 9th year.
We will meet outside the new Co-op where there is free parking and spend the morning in and around the Main Street.
There are numerous photo opportunities including architecture, portraits, seascapes and landscapes.

After a light lunch from one of the local cafes or takeaways we can head away from the town and into the hills.
Please note that the Inveraray Photo Walk covers quite a distance over uneven terrain.
If you are unsure if the walk is suitable for you please contact me and I would be happy to advise you.

Photographers of all abilities are welcome and I always encourage photographers to help each other during the day.
I do not care if you use a DSLR, mirrorless camera, compact or mobile phone. All are welcome!

Please make sure you have the following:

  • Waterproof clothing
  • Sunscreen
  • Sturdy waterproof footwear
  • Rain Cover for your camera
  • Drink and snack for the afternoon walk

Afterwards we can drop in at the Inveraray Inn for refreshments and food before heading home.

I look forward to meeting you and leading the 2019 Inveraray Photo Walk.

Join Walk

    Paula Milburn Hi Richard! Looking forward to seeing you again in October. I don't think I need to alert you about my (lack of) mobility, but just a reminder. Around the town I know I'll be ok since I know places I can sit (not the [censored] 3-legged bench *giggle*) and I can say 'I'll see you at 'x' point' and if say you're down at the shore I know my way around Inveraray and so on well enough by now that I'm not going to get lost and you can say 'We'll catch up at e.g. toilets/Vital Spark' and I'll be there without doing my back in. Not sure what you have planned for the afternoon walk but will see how my CFS/Energy levels are and we'll advise on the day, you know being 'old hands' we know our way around. We'll see you in October! Can't wait!

      Richard Hunt-Smith Hi Paula Great to see you have both signed up to join us again. I had better make it a good one! I have not finalised the details yet but I am mindful that there may be a few people not comfortable over the greater distances so I will make sure the morning is kept on the flat and relatively short distances and then save the more challenging terrain for the afternoon. Look forward to seeing you. Richard

    paul wardropper looking forward to this maybe you can teach me some sony tricks

      Richard Hunt-Smith I'll do my best Paul.

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