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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 3:00pm - 9:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Gate Entrance at the Mount Lee Trailhead

Where The Walk Will End

Gate Entrance at the Mount Lee Trailhead

About This Walk

The Hollywood Sign holds a significant place in American culture as an iconic landmark overlooking Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Its construction in 1923 was originally intended as a temporary advertising display for the Hollywoodland housing development. Located on Mount Lee in the Beachwood Canyon area of the Santa Monica Mountains, this renowned symbol is widely recognized throughout California and the United States. The sign frequently appears in popular culture, often as an establishing shot in films and TV shows set in or around Hollywood. It has come to embody the American desire for individuality and fame.

Capturing the perfect photograph of the Hollywood sign is both thrilling and challenging. Due to its location within a residential area, access to the sign and parking is restricted. However, our Photo Walk will allow us to explore various vantage points and angles from below during the afternoon daylight hours. Toward evening, we will embark on a short 1.5-mile hike up to the viewing area behind the sign. There, we will witness breathtaking sunset views of Hollywood and the LA basin, with the Hollywood sign gracefully displayed in the foreground.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or passionate about photography, attending this photo walk to capture shots of this famous landmark is an essential activity that genuinely encapsulates the essence of the world’s entertainment capital.

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6 Responses

  1. I’m googling, and can’t see the location for the Gate Entrance at the Mount Lee Trailhead. What are the cross streets / GPS?

  2. I do this hike every year. Parking on weekdays is no problem. Due to popularity, weekends are crazy. You are only allowed to park after 6pm. My parking spot is around this location; 6203 Rockcliff Dr. If the walk starts at 3pm, I would suggest Uber,Lyft. All those streets with parking after 6pm filled up very quick. I usually get there 5.30pm and wait. They do give tickets for parking before time,

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