Let’s enjoy Hoboken on a Saturday morning.
We’ll start at the train station and end at Pilsener Haus.  I will be posting the route soon; but we will be focusing on historic sites, attractions and architecture.  And let’s include street photography while we’re at it.

A little about me:  I am a Portrait Photographer;  my websites are:

Hoboken Photography | Marta Perales Photographers


I also have a dedicated IG page for photos of Hoboken:


And I’m also very passionate about people learning to use their iphone



The brunch at the end of the walk is optional and each person covers their own meal.

Thanks and feel free to ask any question.  Highly encouraged to bring a camera (if you own one); but if not; a mobile phone wiill do.



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  1. Hi Nader; at that time it should not be difficult to find street parking; make sure you have the park mobile app on your phone so that you. don’t have to worry about coming back to put money on meter. Another alternative is to use parking garages : https://www.hobokennj.gov/resources/municipal-parking-garages

    I believe the municipals are cheaper.

    Figure out if you want to park by starting or ending point; they. are opposite; and it should be a 30 min walk at least; from one place to the other (without stopping).

    If you decide to leave it by starting point, you can always take the bus back to terminal if you no longer wish to walk.

    I hope this helps!

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