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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 | 8:30am - 10:30am

Where We Will Meet

Jamestown Hotel

Where The Walk Will End

The Smoke Cafe

About This Walk

Originally a gold rush town, Jamestown includes historic buildings and quaint shops. The grocery store is like stepping back in time, and the Frosty has been there since I was a kid (longer than I want to admit). Venturing off Main Street, you can also find rail cars and an interesting piece of equipment here or there. Bring your fancy camera, plain camera, or phone camera (it doesn’t matter), and have a good time.

I am a Central Valley native who has been a hobby/amateur photographer since around 1980. I shoot a mix of digital and film and have found the most enjoyment the last few years shooting classic cameras from the 40’s – 70’s and hunting for out-of-the-way places. I’ve participated in quite a few Worldwide Photo Walks, but this will be my first time leading one.

I’ve listed the starting and ending points along the length of Main Street, but you’re welcome to include any part of the town you can capture in the two hour period. After the walk, we can meet at the Smoke Cafe for food and sharing of adventures. My wife and I can attest to the good breakfast food (served all day), and I’m sure the lunch menu won’t disappoint.

Urgent: Cannot Attend the WalkAugust 13th, 2022

This is the walk leader. I started showing COVID symptoms last night and tested positive this morning. Obviously, I do not want to attend the walk and chance making others sick.

Hopefully at least a couple people will see this message and be able to tell others. I don’t have a way to contact each person individually.

Please go ahead with the walk, and I hope you enjoy yourselves. We will get information on how to post photos for the contest as soon as possible. I sincerely apologize for the unfortunate timing.

The Walk is TomorrowAugust 12th, 2022

I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow morning in Jamestown. If possible, plan to be there just a few minutes before 8:30 so we can say a quick hello before starting. That way, we won’t encroach on your 2-hour shooting window. I will be at the corner of Main St. and Donovan St. by 8:20, which is about 1/2 block southwest of the Jamestown Hotel.

Today is the day to charge the batteries and ensure a memory card is in your camera. Yes, I’ve messed up on both of those things at least once along the way. The weather is looking good, and we should finish with temps still in the 80’s. Remember the hat and sunscreen.

I don’t know yet what the process will be for submitting contest photos but expect something from Kelby soon. I’m hoping for a way to share at least a few images from each participant so we can see what each was able to capture.

We’re expecting a dozen people, which is enough to be fun and not so many to be a crowd. If you have questions, you can post on the discussion tab or email me directly at See you tomorrow.

    Doug Vaughn Good morning everyone! I'm checking in as we're one week away from the Jamestown walk. It looks like this will be a small group, so we can keep it pretty casual. Too bad we couldn't have ordered up today's weather for next Saturday, but the morning should still be comfortable. If you have specific questions, you can reach out to me directly at I look forward to seeing you all next week.

    Zachary Levey I hope everyone enjoyed seeing Jamestown! My son and I had a good time (I shot my LensBaby Velvet 28 with different IR filters on the lens, he enjoyed taking and editing his as well), and came away with some interesting images.

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