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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 4:30pm - 8:00pm

Where We Will Meet

Park side entrance to ArtCentre of Plano

Where The Walk Will End

ArtCentre of Plano

About This Walk

Join me for a walk through the Historic Downtown Plano Arts District.  The image opportunities are endless with old buildings, murals, sculptures, restaurants, bars, parks, fountains, a DART station, and more!

Hello!  I’m David Downs, a Plano-based photographer/artist, and this will be my 5th time leading this walk.  Whether you’re a grizzled veteran of photography or learning the ropes, you will enjoy this evening of photography.  I’ll be available all evening for location suggestions and general education on composition & camera basics for those who want it.  This is not a group event where we stay together, but each person is encouraged to explore the area and capture the images that speak to them & they wish to share.  At the end of the evening, for those not quite ready to depart, we usually find our way to one of the local establishments for a cool drink & an appetizer.  With any luck, there will be a band on stage somewhere!  You can find examples of my work by visiting and my online gallery at  See you soon!!

Winner Chosen…Who Is It?October 20th, 2023

Good evening! I hope everyone is ready for a good weekend! So the process this time has been confusing and honestly more than once I was uncertain things were proceeding in an organized manner. I was given a link to upload my image for the Leader’s Contest but it evidently was included in the regular contestant’s gallery. Then, once I was alerted the submissions for my walk were being uploaded, I couldn’t see any of them until I finally got an e-mail stating it was time to decide the winner. I can see the pics but have no idea who submitted what. In the end we only had 3 contestants which is disappointing because I saw some very interesting shots on some of your cameras.

So the image I chose as our winner has the Ghoul sitting on a bench…..(hint: all three images have a ghoul sitting on a bench). In this case, the composition included the historic building behind it and the sun lensing over the reflection of the ghoul’s head in the window. If this was YOUR image, kudos to you for being selected to represent the Historic Downtown Plano Walk!

Other Learning OpportunitiesOctober 8th, 2023


A couple of you asked last night about other photo walks or editing instructions. The best way to get that kind of info is to go to and sign up for e-mail notifications.

Have a great Sunday!


Thank you for coming out!October 8th, 2023

Good morning everyone! Thanks for participating in yesterday’s walk. I saw several really cool shots, and I’m anxious to see what you decide to submit. I’ll update you as I receive more information on how/when you should submit your images.

Meeting & Parking Location, CommunicationOctober 5th, 2023

See below for Google Map links to our meeting location & recommended parking location.

Also, if at some point between now & Sat you could send me a text to 214-454-6022 with your name it’ll make it easier to communicate that evening, particularly if you decide to leave early or have a question. Thanks!

Meeting point:

Parking location recommended:

Saturday!October 5th, 2023

Looking forward to seeing ALL of you this Saturday evening in Downtown Plano! Weather is looking gorgeous with the possibility of the need for a sweater or light jacket after sunset.

I’ve previously mentioned this, but bring a tripod if you have one as well as a remote trigger or some other way to fire your shutter without touching your camera perhaps using a shutter delay. I’d also recommend a neutral density filter if you have one.

If you have specific goals or types of photos you’d like to capture, please send me a note in advance & I’ll try to be prepared to assist you. If you’d also send me your camera model & lens options that would be helpful in that case.

For lenses, it would be great to have something very wide for some interesting looks. Also, something in the 35-50 range is great for street photography, particularly if it has an aperture of 2.8 or wider. A telephoto up to 200-300 can give some great results for compression shots (making the background appear very close to the foreground).

See you, Saturday!


Three Weeks!September 16th, 2023

Good evening, everyone!

I’m looking forward to our walk coming up in 3 weeks! I love downtown Plano! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to forward them to me, and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I will be leading a workshop in Grand Tetons from the 23rd to the 30th so there may be a delay in any response during that time! I’ll be sharing some thoughts and helpful information as we gett closer to help you get the best out of the evening.

Have a great weekend!



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  1. Hi David… I am still so excited about how much fun our walk was. I had such a hard time choosing a photo to submit. I was torn between a few photos. Do you know after you choose the winner for our walk, if it will show up after you make the selection or after the 10-21 deadline? Just a friendly reminder of the page that tells you how to select a winner is here: . Thanks, again, for a really great walk! – Shelley F.

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