Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | 9:00am - 11:00am

Where We Will Meet

Library Park at the corner of S. Sycamore and E. Main

Where The Walk Will End

Village Ice Cream Parlor - 22 S. Broadway

About This Walk

We will walk Historical Downtown Lebanon Ohio.  Downtown Lebanon has attracted Hollywood on numerous occasions because of the city’s charming small town look.  Highlights include:

  • Picturesque Broadway and Mulberry St streetscapes.
  • The Golden Lamb Restaurant and Hotel, which opened in 1803 and has served twelve US Presidents.
  • The Village Ice Cream Parlor, site of two Hollywood films.
  • Numerous beautifully preserved houses and churches dating to the early nineteenth century.
  • The old jail (1889), courthouse (1835), and Orient Fire House (1879).
  • The LM&M Railroad.
  • Countless artifacts, bell and clock towers, and other quirky scenery.
  • Harmon Park.

We will base our exact route on the weather and lighting at the time of the walk and possibly arrange for some indoor shooting at one or more of the landmarks.  I will provide some historical background about the landmarks.

A little about me.  I am an internationally renowned photographer (meaning someone from outside the United States once favorited one of my photos on Flickr).  In reality, I’m an enthusiastic amateur photographer with broad photographic interests.  I devour photography podcasts, books and online classes.  I love talking to photographers of all levels about photography.  I think these photo walks are just as much, if not more, about the chance to socialize and talk photography with like-minded people as they are about getting great shots.  We should be able to do some both at such an interesting location.

Following the walk we can have lunch at the Village Ice Cream Parlor.

I look forward to you joining me on this walk.

There is ample free, easy parking in downtown Lebanon near our starting and ending points.

Contests and Group PhotoOctober 11th, 2018

Thanks to everyone for attending the walk. I had a great time and hope everyone else did as well. The contests are open. There is a contest tab on the walk page where you can enter the photo, video, or mobile contests. I also put the group photo on twitter with #wwpw2018 and #wwpw2018LebanonOH.

Walk ReminderOctober 5th, 2018

I’m looking forward to our walk tomorrow. The weather looks good! No rain and temps in the 70s.

There is a free parking lot at Main and Sycamore right across Sycamore from the park where we are meeting.

  • Karrie Wills Hi! I just joined the walk. I was wondering if you needed a minimum amount of participants to go ahead with the walk on October 6th. Or are you going to go out even if just a few sign up? Thank you! Karrie

    • samcooper7765 It's a go. We have a pretty good number so far. I'm hoping to get few more. Thanks for signing up.

  • samcooper7765 I'm looking forward to Saturday. The weather looks good! I plan on bringing a couple of assistants (a.k.a my wife and son). They will have a reflector and flashes we can all use. Note: There is a free parking lot at Main and Sycamore right across Sycamore from the park where we are meeting. Here are some Kelby videos to help get your creativity going.....

  • Karrie Wills Hi Sam! Thanks again for leading the walk. I would love to get a copy of the group picture. My email is: I don't see where you can add a picture for the contest. Maybe they do that after the entire weekend is over? Karrie

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