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Saturday, October 7th, 2023 | 8:00am - 11:00am

Where We Will Meet

N.end of Houston Sq, near Mary Gray Event cntr

Where The Walk Will End

Luigi's Italian Restaurant, near Houston Sq.

About This Walk

We will start by the Mary Gray Event Center that was the first hospital in Medina County, built in 1853, but is now an independent living facility.  We will then walk to the historic St. Louis Catholic Church, built between 1860-1870 and should be able to take images inside the beautiful old church.  Be prepared to take some lower light images inside some of the bldgs, bring a tripod if you have one.  We will tour the historic downtown, and see some of the original homes from the mid 1800s.  We will end up at the Castro Colonies Living History Center, which is not totally completed yet, but has a lot of artifacts, furniture and historic information about Castro and the ships and people he brought to Texas from Alsace, France.  There are things on the other side of Hwy 90, for example the Steinbech house, built in Alsace in the mid 1600’s and brought here and rebuilt here in the late 90s.   It is currently the visitors center, and across the river from that is the Landmark Inn State Historical sight, so if we can’t get over there walking, participants are welcome to drive over and see the sights on their own time, after we enjoy lunch.  They will be open until at least 4pm that day.

I have lived in Medina County since 1987, loving the history of Castro and the early colonists.  I have enjoyed photography most of my life, taking photography in college in the late 70’s.  Around 2010 I was getting interested again, but had no idea how to shoot with a digital camera with all that automatic stuff!  I started taking classes from Lander’s Photography school, in San Antonio, and learned how to use manual (as I had to do in the 70s), and much more on controlling your camera/lenses to get the image you want.  I’ve have taken many other classes from CreativeLive and other sources over the years, including some of Scott Kelby’s many easy to learn from classes and conferences.  I own RobbiBee Photography, (family portraits, as art)  but my first photographic interests were landscape, flowers and historic places, still an enjoyable hobby.


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